XTRONS Best-selling Products of the Year 2020

XTRONS Best-selling Products of the Year 2020

An aftermarket car stereo usually has more features than the basic model that comes with your car. Upgrading your car stereo can give you access to much more entertainment, and a much higher level of technology.

No matter what features you like, we can provide them. Whether enhancing the performance, boosting the sound, installing Android apps, watching HD movies or using Carplay/Android Auto, there is always the right in-car entertainment product from XTRONS that can help. XTRONS is a leading in-car entertainment expert with more than 13 years’ experience. We offer tons of products covering different categories, including universal head units, specific car stereos, overhead players, headrest players and accessories.

Not decided which one to get for your car yet? Why not take a look at our best-selling products of 2020?

Best-selling Universal Car Stereos


DQ101L is our best-selling single DIN high performance car stereo, with a 10.1” adjustable screen and HDMI output. The built-in Rockchip PX6 Hexa-core processor guarantees unbeatable performance, great for multitaskers. With the adjustable display, you can get the best viewing angle without the sun’s glare. Furthermore, the HDMI output enables you to share videos to your passengers, to headrest players or car roof players.


This incredible double DIN car stereo is equipped with a 10.1" rotatable screen. The flexible design offers you the best in-car experience with two different modes. The vertical mode can help you stay focused while driving, while the horizontal mode can help you maximise your entertainment during a traffic jam. The built-in Rockchip PX5 Octa-core processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM makes it run smoothly, even if you are using it for multitasking.

Best-Selling Vehicle Specific Car Stereos


The QM1050C is specially designed for Mercedes-Benz owners to upgrade their factory radios with much higher performance and more features, while keeping the original CD player, radio or COMMAND system.

It has the advanced Qualcomm Octa-core processor, so you don’t need to worry about performance. The fully laminated IPS screen with anti-reflective coating offers superior visual quality, avoids the sun’s glare and reduces light reflection. The Built-in 4G enables you to insert a SIM card so that you can stay connected all the time. If you use Bluetooth often, the new Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 will be pretty helpful for you, as it is more stable and has lower power consumption.


The PBE90MTVL is part of our first product line that is equipped with built-in CarPlay/Android Auto. This enables you to integrate your mobile phone for GPS navigation, hands-free calls or music playback with voice commands. It is also one of our high performance car stereos, with an Octa-core processor, powerful amplifier and other automotive standard hardware. You can use it for playing 2K videos, use split-screen while multi-tasking and more.

Although it is powerful, it is at an attractive price. With the built-in CarPlay/Android Auto, no external dongle required. This will save you GBP 74.99 or USD 89.99 alone. This car stereo is custom fit for Volkswagen/Seat/Skoda.

Best-selling Car Entertainment Products


This best-selling car roof player is our first overhead player powered by the popular Android system and has a 17.3” 1080P FHD screen. You can stream content from tons of streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, Spotify and Pandora. With HDR10+ technology, 8K video playback and various video/audio format compatibility, there is almost no content it can't play.

The unit’s Octa-core 2.0GHz CPU, Mali-G31 GPU, 2GB DDR4 RAM and 16GB RAM makes it faster than other overhead players in the market. It also has other great features like an all-new XTRONS UI, superior stereo speakers, colourful aura lighting, automatic lighting control and more. The 17.3" screen size makes it a great fit for larger vehicles such as coaches, buses and motorhomes.


This fabulous 13.3” car headrest monitor combines a multi-colour aura light, elegant design, the latest Android 10 system and a 1080P FHD screen with a powerful Octa-core processor. It is not only beautiful, but also powerful enough to handle any task, such as playing 2K videos or screen mirroring. The built-in 32 UI themes offer enough options for you to customise the player as you want. And there are 3 ways to power it - cigarette lighter adapter, car power cable, or home AC adapter.

Best-selling Accessories


The CP04 is a great tool for uniting your iPhone and factory-fitted CarPlay wirelessly.

Most new cars are released with the wired CarPlay nowadays, but usually you are required to connect your iPhone with the cable to use it, which can be inconvenient. If you’d like to remove the messy cable, XTRONS CP04 is the best tool for you. Just plug in the CP04 to the USB port of your car’s unit and use your iPhone to connect it through Bluetooth. After that, you can enjoy using CarPlay wirelessly.


The DVR028 is an exquisite USB digital video recorder with a wide angle and HD resolution. With it, you can easily capture any event into clear videos and save them into a TF card during your journey. The wide angle lens will significantly reduce blind spots, and loop recording means you can always keep the latest videos without worrying about running out of space. To make the DVR028 work, you just need to plug it into the USB port of your head unit and fix it to the windshield with the supplied 3M sticker.

Want to find out more about our products? Have a look at the XTRONS homepage and browse the product categories. If you're interested in in-car entertainment,, now is the best time to shop, with huge discounts during this shopping season. Don’t miss it!