Scarily Good Deals for the Spookiest Time of Year

Halloween is right around the corner, the perfect time to trick or treat yourself! Our […]

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The Great Summer Road Trip

Summer is here, and the open road stretches out before you. A summer road trip […]

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A Guide to Car Headrest Players

We all know the scenario. A long and gruelling journey has barely started, when the […]

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Leitfaden für Auto-Kopfstützen-Player

Wir alle kennen das Szenario. Kaum hat eine lange und anstrengende Fahrt begonnen, ertönt der […]

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New Car Headrest Monitors

This month we introduce our incredible new series of Headrest-mounted Android monitors. Featuring an Android […]

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Our New Collections

With our emphasis on the latest technology, we are always looking to update our collection. […]

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headrest dvd players

Headrest DVD Players & Monitors

Ensure your passengers are fully entertained whilst out on the roads this summer, whether it […]

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headrest dvd player


The popularity of our Headrest DVD Players is continuing to evolve, as digital technology continues to immerse […]

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The Best Car Headrest DVD Players – Plug & Play

Car Headrest DVD players, at Xtrons, are designed with entertainment and enjoyment in mind. That’s […]

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Watch the World Cup In Your Car with Xtrons

&nbsp The eagerly anticipated FIFA World Cup tournament is fast approaching. Hosted this year in […]

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5 Reasons to Invest in a Headrest DVD Player

A lot of you can probably remember a time when a long-distance car journey to […]

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