Top Picks for Your Fiat

In this month’s brand focus, we hone in on the Italian manufacturer of the cutest runarounds around - Fiat. Founded in Turin over a century ago, it is now Italy’s largest car manufacturer and sells around the world. Fiat is well known for producing adorable and practical city cars, with great design and practicality, but also produce family hatchbacks, robust workhorse vans and the nippy Spider roadster model. Quite simply, there is something for everyone at a keen price, with fabulous styling and great versatility.

The PSD7050FL-C

Custom fitted to the ever-popular Fiat 500 and designed to slot seamlessly into the dashboard, this unit has outstanding DSP sound effects and a crystal-clear 1080p video display. Compatible with a range of XTRONS accessories, and with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, there really is no limit to what you can do with this stereo in your dashboard. As with all XTRONS car stereos, high-quality components are used from top to bottom, for quick and reliable use, every time.


This unit fits perfectly into the Grande Punto and Linea family hatchbacks, and comes equipped with a powerful Android 10 operating system. The whole series features smart connectivity with your smartphone, with built in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, screen mirroring and more. Full RCA and USB outputs make this an incredibly versatile entertainment hub, providing all types of fun in the cab of your Fiat.


Designed for the workhorse Ducato van, this unit will make any work trip or courier job go with a flash. With an integrated steering wheel control for easy access, and screen mirroring for your smartphone, it brings everything within reach. USB and SD inputs mean that you can have any kind of entertainment you like on your dashboard. The unit is even compatible with the XTRONS range of information tools - battery voltage, tyre pressure, OBD2 and more.

Ou range of stereos and accessories for this popular Italian brand is ever-expanding, bringing XTRONS’ processing power and functionality to the fantastic design of these little cars. Have a look at our range and you might find the perfect unit to finish off your Fiat’s dashboard.