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Tidy Car, Tidy Mind

Start Your Journeys Right This Year

A car is many things to many people. It’s a mode of transportation, a family hangout, a status symbol and a personal living room. Like any living or working space, sometimes the clutter can get out of hand. Coffee cups, sweet wrappers, plastic bags… the list is endless. If your car is beginning to look like a dumping ground, then a new start for a new year might be in order.

Take a moment!

Very often, when we get in the car, we’re in a hurry. Perhaps traffic is worse than usual on your route, you snoozed your alarm for an extra five minutes, or you’ve had to de-ice the windscreen in the winter weather? You may not even have left time to look and see if your car is tidy. However, it’s a well known fact that messy, disorganised spaces can affect the brain. Clutter can increase anxiety and stress levels, as well as making it more difficult to focus. These are the last thing you want when you’re at the wheel, so it might be worth taking a few minutes to deal with it.

Have a place for everything

There’s nothing worse than putting something down then not remembering where it is. Having a set place where certain things go can save you an incredible amount of time over the course of a year. From the door pockets to the glove compartment, to the boot for things you need but barely use, this can bring some order to things. A good rule of thumb is to only use the space you have - if you have a small car with not much storage, don’t bring more than you need. It’s a quick way to sanity!

Take advantage of technology

Modern technology can help you reduce clutter. For example, Bluetooth connectivity means no hanging wires, while a TPMS sensor and/or run-flat tyres can negate the need to carry a spare wheel. Many XTRONS car stereos do the work that would previously have required a tablet or even a laptop - mobile apps, screen mirroring, navigation and more, allowing you to have less “stuff” in your cab. Having a suite of powerful and versatile features is a key point of XTRONS’ range, along with a host of accessories to get the job done. Take advantage of everything that modernity has to offer you.

Clean the car (or have it cleaned)

Cleaning your car is another way of making your space more livable. Both inside and out, having a clean vehicle is a sign to the brain that it’s to be respected and looked after. You can either do it yourself, or pay the professionals. We’d suggest that doing it yourself, if you have the time and inclination, might make you appreciate the car all the more, and will certainly give it more kerb appeal! However, if you’d like to sit in an automated car wash, that’s fine with us too.

The interior might be even more important. Take a vacuum cleaner to it regularly, clean up dust and wipe the windows and it’ll be a place to be proud of If you live in a flat or have to park your car far away from your front door, your average petrol station will have a vacuum cleaner you can use for a small fee, usually by the air pump.

Make sure it’s an environment you enjoy

Life is stressful enough. Driving of course can be too - nightmare traffic, running late on your commute, psychotic drivers all around you, slippery surfaces… it’s enough to drive you mad. However, if your car is an environment you’re able to enjoy, these difficulties become nothing more than minor inconveniences. You’re more likely to shrug these factors off if you’re in an otherwise calm environment, making you a safer driver and giving you healthier blood pressure! Even if your commute is not a smooth one, your journey can be.

If you would like to give your car a new year’s gift and help it become your mind palace, have a browse through our range of car stereos and accessories. You might just find the missing piece of the puzzle.