Introducing – the All-New PSP Series!

The Ultimate in Audio & Video Entertainment

XTRONS new PSP Series stereos are HERE! An incredible array of up-to-the-minute features await you in our latest lineup. With IPS Screens, Integrated Car Auto Play and powerful DSP, the entire series is full of entertainment powerhouses that just beg to be used. Some of our best features have been packed into the new PSP head units, and will bring any car kicking and screaming up to date.

The series features the following as standard features - 

  • Built-in Wired CarPlay
  • Digital Sound Processing
  • Full RCA Outputs
  • Picture-in-Picture Mode
  • Dual Theme
  • IPS Screens

Some more details about our great PSP Series models:


Custom-designed for the dashboard of a Ford Focus, this unit brings incredible sound and visuals into the family hatchback. Built on a powerful Android 10 platform, the 2.5D IPS Screen ensures everything looks fantastic, and the USB connection means a flawless link to your smartphone. 

The PSP90M164 

Designed for Mercedes-Benz vehicles, this unit will slot right into the dashboard of various models from the high-end marque. The built in DSP Sound Processing gives you a wealth of options to customise your music and audio, and even features full RCA outputs to share entertainment with other passengers. Flexible and powerful.

The PSP9090B 

Designed to fit various BMW models, this unit gives you a choice of theme and appearance, so you can customise it to your preferences. It also syncs up beautifully with your reversing camera, giving you immediate access to the reversing mode, with no waiting around. Not only good for entertainment, but for safely performing manoeuvres in tight spaces! 

(If your car does not have a factory-fitted reversing camera, have no fear! We have a huge range at great prices, right HERE)

All our PSP series models come in at a great price, with an amazing feature set, and all the technological know-how you can always expect from XTRONS. Have a look at OUR RANGE and see if you can find the perfect thing to maximise your in-car entertainment