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The Fiat 500 – An Italian Icon

The Workhorse with Italian Flair

Italian cars are famous for a reason. The Ferrari F40, the Lamborghini Huracán, the Lancia Rally 037, the Alfa Romeo Spider - the list reads like a poster book for petrolheads. These dream machines, along with famous design house Pininfarina, are responsible for establishing Italian automobile design as among the best, if not the best in the world.

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However, it’s not just fancy sports cars and unobtanium-fuelled hypercars coming out of this European powerhouse. In the Alpine city of Torino (or Turin, for English speakers), there is a manufacturer that is famous for making cars for the working people.

Fiat specialises in compact, economical cars that still manage to put smiles on their owners faces. There isn’t another manufacturer everywhere that has such a reputation for simple, unkillable engines and cute design. Perhaps the ultimate expression of this is the classic Fiat 500.

Built for the Urban Environment

Originally introduced in 1957 and named for its engine size of just 479cc, this diminutive Fiat was perfect for buzzing around the narrow cobbled streets of Italian towns and cities. Its small size and ultra-practical design were combined with the cutest styling imaginable, deserving of consideration alongside the Mini Cooper, the Volkswagen Beetle and the Citroën 2CV. The Cinquecento (“five hundred” in Italian) is by any measure a classic. It’s a Vespa with four wheels.

Though the original was discontinued in 1975, the modern Fiat 500, introduced in 2007, has broken all kinds of sales records. Popular among people who craved a city car that looked as good as it ran, the 500 both looks fantastic and performs as well as any modern city car. While it’s not quite as petite as the original, it’s still the perfect city car, offering friendly performance and accessible pricing, along with excellent economy. After five years on the market, Fiat celebrated 1 million of the city conqueror running off the production line.

Today, with several engine sizes available (all bigger than the original), convertible and electric versions, you have many choices to capture that unmistakable Italian vibe. Alongside the Fiat Topolino, an all-electric urban mobility vehicle that takes the concept even further, Fiat fans have plenty of choice for their transport.

Stereos With Style

As it is at heart a car for the common people, and priced accordingly, a Fiat 500 is generally thought to be a little stripped-down when compared with a German saloon or American SUV. But why shouldn’t this style icon have an upmarket stereo? As much as it is a practical mode of transport, it’s a style icon and a head turner, so it makes sense that you’d want to be comfortable zipping between appointments.

Firstly, all XTRONS units for the Fiat 500 take great care to match the car’s interior, being styled carefully and available in a range of colours. Offering Bluetooth, 4G, Wi-Fi, Screen Mirroring for your smartphone and more, our units give you plenty of options and toys to play with.

If you’re more likely to use your car for work purposes, you can always stay connected with robust and smart utilities like wi-fi hotspots and split screen mode. 2K video means that whether you’re at work or at play, everything is crisp and clear. This octa-core flagship unit has even been adapted for the 500’s bigger cousin, the 500X SUV, meaning that you even have an outstanding XTRONS unit for the whole family.

Installation is easy and results in a seamless finish, so your fashion-conscious ride needn’t be compromised. Have a look at our range and you can have up-to-the-minute technology in this modern classic.

Iconic and Practical

Whether you’re buzzing down a steep mountainside or stuck in morning traffic, the Fiat 500 will always put a smile on your face. With XTRONS’ help, you can add the final touch to make this outstanding model better than ever. Be ready to dress the part, sip an espresso and head to the riviera in your upgraded Italian icon.