The Best of the Xtrons World Cup Promotional Packages


With the World Cup only weeks away, and our World Cup promotions already underway, we wanted to highlight the best of the best from the promotions, to save you precious World Cup preparation time.

  Our promotional packages have all been priced to make it cheaper to purchase the combinations of items together, rather than separately. The combinations are to optimise the possibilities of never missing a game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.    

Overhead DVD Players + DVB-T

  Although this promotion encourages watching the World Cup through a digital freeview box, you may as well obtain a machine with additional functionalities such as a DVD player, whilst you’re at it.   This particular machine is the CR133HDSGrey with FV014. The reason we selected this package is not only due to the sleek and stylish appeal of the overhead DVD player itself but it’s superior quality in its build and performance. Once married with the freeview box, it becomes a harmonious pairing, demonstrating how watching the World Cup can be a pleasant experience form just about anywhere in the world.   Key Features
  • 13.3" HD Screen
  • WinCE Operating System
  • SD Card Port
  • HDMI & USB Ports
  •   cr133hdgrey-2_1      

    Drop Down Monitors + DVB-T

      If you’re after a more discreet viewing facility, one which can be tucked away and a true space save, this ultra-thin drop down TV monitor is ideal. The CM173HD boasts both beautiful design and a flawless HD display, as well as modern options such as HDMI, SD & USB features. Paired with the FV006 it makes for an excellent portable and adaptable television for in the car or around the home.   Key Features
  • 17.3” Ultra-thin Screen
  • 1080p Video
  • 130° Rotating Screen
  • Built-in HDMI
  • FHD Display
  •   cm173hd_fv006      

    World Cup Competitions

      To celebrate the 2018 FIFA World Cup, we’re running a couple of competitive competitions of our own.   Our first competition will see a total of 20 digital Freeview boxes given away; 10 dual antenna and 10 single antenna devices. To enter this competition, you will need to take a snap of your current Xtrons head unit, in your vehicle, and post it as a comment, using the hashtag #XtronsShare. From the entries we will choose who we think could use a little Freeview action in their life!   31564050_1530026077106602_119877734141788160_n   The second competition is our most formidable yet. With a huge giveaway of Xtrons goodies, totalling a whopping £475, you’d be a fool not to enter. This time, to enter, you will need some footballing World Cup knowledge to make an educated guess of the final four teams (semi-finalists) and the eventual winner. The victorious entries will be collated with one winner chosen randomly. Good luck!   WorldCup_Comp_1080_Bundle (1)    

    World Cup Nations & Car Stereos

      Due to the fact that there are a handful of car manufacturing nations competing in this year’s World Cup which we custom-fit car stereos for, we thought we’d accentuate these great nations alongside our offerings.       WorldCup_England_1080_Vauxhall     WorldCup_Spain_1080_Seat     WorldCup_Japan_1080_Toyota     WorldCup_Germany_1080_VW     WorldCup_SouthKorea_1080_Hyundai    

    Xtrons World Cup Campaign

      First and foremost we’re hoping for a fantastically entertaining World Cup, and if off the back of that we can help you access the entertainment and have some fun on the way, we’ll be delighted.   If you have any further questions regarding any of our offers or products, please do not hesitate to get in touch.