Summer Car Accessories

Summer is here! And, if last year is anything to go by, it’s going to be a scorcher!

Get ready to enjoy the summer heat with our range of summer car accessories! Record your journeys, stay connected with friends and keep updated on the condition of your car.

Embrace ‘fun in the sun’ and quash any issues that may put a dampener on your summer road trips. Our extremely useful car accessories are designed to give you a care-free experience throughout the summer months.

Summer Car Accessories at Xtrons

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System | TPMS05

One of the many ways your car can be affected by summer is the higher temperatures, which can damage the rubber of your tires and cause them to dry out. This can also cause the air pressure in your tyres to increase, which can jeopardise your safety, due to much less of the tyre’s surface area being utilised.

Monitor the condition of your tyres, as the summer temperatures increase, ensuring you stay on top of any issues that may affect both yours and your passengers safety.

This TMPS is capable of keeping track of both tyre pressure and temperature, whilst transmitting real-time statistics to the receiver.

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OBD II Scanner Tool | OBD01

Our Mini Bluetooth OBDII scanner - which can be paired with your Android smartphone or tablet - keeps you updated on your vehicle's engine performance and diagnostics.

The OBD II Scanner is one of our most popular car accessories and it’s obvious why! You can easily view and save real-time engine data, to help you find and prevent problems before they even happen!

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Cigarette Lighter Adapter | CLA011

Perfect for all of your USB devices, this cigarette lighter adapter has 2 USB ports and one 12V power outlet. The diversity of this particular adaptor allows you to power your headrest monitor/dvd player whilst simultaneously charging devices via the USB ports.

The CLA011 couldn’t be easier to use! Just plugin, connect and go!

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4G Dongle | 4GDONG001

If you’re intending to be hitting the road a lot this summer, then you’ll want this 4G dongle dongle to ensure you stay connected whilst out on your travels. The simple USB connection means the device is convenient and portable, for easy-use on the go.

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Dash Cam | DVR025

This hidden dash cam recorder is designed to be discreet and not to restrict your view in any way. The inbuilt high-end chip is capable of 1080p image processing and is matched with high fidelity H.264 video compression which ensures every detail is captured. Ideal for recording those summer adventures on the roads!

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More Summer Car Accessories

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