Prepare Your Car For Autumn

The rain is starting to fall, the wind is in the trees, and the sun’s angle grows ever lower. Summer is on the way out, and the cooler and damper weather of Autumn will be arriving soon.

While it can lead to some beautiful scenery, it can also be very hard on your vehicle. All that damp weather and mud, along with those slippery fallen leaves can wear your car out ever more quickly. That’s not to mention the challenging driving conditions that Autumn can bring - fog, rain and sudden changes in weather mean you will have to be on your toes. Early morning school runs and shortening days don’t help matters either.

We’ve compiled a few tips below to help your Autumnal driving to be less challenging. Let XTRONS guide you through this cooler period, and make sure your every journey is a pleasant one.

Check Your Tyres 

With changes in weather and varying driving conditions, keeping on top of your tyre pressure is imperative for a safe drive. Having tyres at the incorrect pressure can make your vehicle’s handling suffer, and your general performance will not be up to what it should be. A TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) is the perfect solution - the sensors will tell you if there are any problems with your tyres, or if the pressure is not optimal. No need to get down on your hands and knees in the leaf litter - let the computer do the work for you! Our tyre pressure systems are compatible with the whole range of XTRONS stereos, so there is bound to be one to complement your head unit. (Note - please check compatibility before purchase!)

Check Your Lights

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, remember to check that all your lights are working. While a broken headlight can be fairly obvious, the rear lights are less so, and no one wants to be pulled over when they have somewhere to be! Also remember that visibility is everything while driving, so do check your bulbs before a long journey, especially if you set off during daylight and arrive at night.

Keep Your Fluids Filled Up

It’s not worth getting stranded in the rain. Even if you’re a huge fan of the Autumn colours, getting caught in the middle of nowhere is no fun. Make sure to check your oil and water, screen wash, and, though it seems obvious, don’t run out of fuel. Over 800,000 drivers run out of fuel every year in the UK, so don’t ignore that warning light! Your car will feel good for longer and work safely with everything topped up as it should be.

Watch Your Speed

Braking and handling in wet weather can be much more difficult, with longer stopping distances and more chance of skidding. Observe speed limits and try not to get too excitable when overtaking or changing lanes. Being just a little more cautious with your right foot can give you more time to make the correct decisions.

Being caught speeding, apart from being dangerous, can lead to points on your licence, bringing your insurance premiums up. Conversely, having proof that you’re a safe driver can bring them down. Installing a dash cam is a great way of doing this - If you want to prove you’re a safer driver, have a look at our range here.

Take the Scenic Route

Life can be stressful. Often we use our vehicles simply as a utility, to get from A to B in the quickest time possible. When we have time though, it can be thrilling to turn down a back road, take a scenic lane and take your foot off the pedal a little. Crisp air and the autumn colours are the perfect time to take a few moments to yourself, and can help to set you up for the inevitable challenges of life.

As experts in in-car entertainment, it is our business to ensure you have the most pleasant journey possible. Shop our range of great entertainment now, and set yourself up to make the most of the season.