The PQS Series – Powered by Android 11

The XTRONS development team are pleased to announce the new PQS Series car stereos, with a fantastic array of features on an Android 11 operating system. Whatever car you drive, a new world of fast-moving and seamless entertainment awaits you.

A Brand-New Android 11 Platform

An incredible new way of operating, the customised Android 11 is the engine room of these stereos. Powering every gesture, press or voice command, Android 11 works better, faster and more efficiently than its predecessors. Enhanced security, easier multitasking, voice controls and improved usability - the Android 11 platform is the perfect base to build XTRONS’ new head units on.

Processing Power 

64-bit big.LITTLE processor with 64GB SSD

Equipped with the Arm big.LITTLE processor, the inbuilt computer “learns” your usage patterns, ensuring that CPU resources go to the right places at the right times. This means that your usage is always smooth and stable, as the processing power is used only where it counts, when you need it. Add this state-of-the-art processor to a 64GB solid state hard drive, along with advanced cooling technology and you have a series over-engineered for the purpose, giving you lightning fast and stable performance. Every single time.

Sound & Vision

A car stereo is made for entertainment. With all the processing in the world, you want your head unit to deliver when you’re in your fifth traffic jam of the day. We have packed incredible features into the PQS series to make sure our units just do that. Built-in DSP gives you loads of options to customise your sound, whether you want to listen to the latest beat tape, a Schubert opera or that audiobook you’re gripped by. Minimise outside noise and maximise the impact of your sounds.

On the visual side, you get full support for 4K video display, along with a spectacularly powerful Mali-T860 graphics processor. We think this gives you the best visuals of any car stereo, making movies and photos look amazing, with incredible clarity and smooth motion. As with any XTRONS product, we don’t take any shortcuts with our components, so industrial-standard, durable hardware is present inside and out. 

Connect Your Devices

The PQS Series comes fully compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Whatever your smartphone runs on, you can mirror content effortlessly to your stereo. Perfect for casting entertainment to the screen for others to share, or for using your phone’s functionality safely at the wheel. You’ll have no problem connecting your devices. Furthermore, an HDMI output enables you to connect hard drives, iPads and more, absolutely free of hassle.

A Wide Range

We have models for many types of vehicle - the PQS7190B for BMW, the PQS71DLRL for Land Rover, the PQS81CMPL for Porsche, along with the Universal Double DIN model TQS700L for any compatible dashboard. Whatever you drive, you can install a new PQS series model and have instant access to the best in Android 11 entertainment.