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Outstanding Visuals

The new XTRONS QLB Series for BMW

We’re pleased to announce the latest iteration of our QL Series infotainment range, custom-fitted for BMW.

A New Addition to our QL Series Range

With a huge suite of new tech additions and incredible G+G displays, XTRONS’ new QLB Series is an incredible upgrade for your car.

Ultra Slim Design with Full HD Screen

The QLB Series comes in two sizes - a large 12.3” screen, and a huge 14.9” ultra-widescreen. Both designs come in a slimline finish that beautifully integrates into your dashboard, with outstanding visuals and anti-glare technology.

Compatible with 2K video technology, the screens give you crystal clear video and images, with deep and vibrant colours.

Robust Power for Any Challenge

A genuine octa-core processor and 64GB of EMMC 5.1 ROM take the internal structure of these stereos way beyond the competition. There are simply no other car stereos on the market with such consistently high standards of tech throughout. All your music, video and apps can be used easily, with slick delivery and lightning-fast response rates.

Technology That Empowers

Do you sometimes feel limited by what you can do with your devices? XTRONS ensures that the QLB series stereos can take whatever you throw at them. Lack of lag is important on the road, as is the robustness of any 4G or WiFi connection. The powerful Android operating system portions out the power so that everything runs smoothly. Don’t worry - the stereo may be Android, but it is 100% compatible with iPhones and iPads too!

Effortless Integration

Built-in Android Auto and Apple CarPlay makes syncing up your phone the easiest of tasks. A few seconds with one of these QLB units and you’ll be sharing screens and files with minimum effort. If you prefer the traditional use of a stereo, i.e. playing the radio, the series has full DAB compatibility, giving you access to hundreds of digital entertainment channels.

For your devices, there is USB connectivity for connection and charging, as well as Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connection. Integrated 4G and two bands of wi-fi means that it’s your dashboard’s brain as well as its screen. The QLB Series is also fully compatible with XTRONS’ huge range of accessories.

Function and Form

Looking perfect in your car’s console and integrating easily, both visually and digitally, this series is a huge upgrade for your BMW vehicle. The incredible features bring your older model bang up to date, giving it all the infotainment of much newer models. Just like your engine, your stereo is built to take on any challenge, effortlessly.

Make the new QLB Series your new favourite travel companion, and enjoy better entertainment and better productivity on the go! If you have a car you’re looking to upgrade with the latest in-car entertainment, have a look at our range and find the perfect fit.

Along with the QLB Series for BMW and the QLM Series for Mercedes-Benz, XTRONS will be launching a new QLA Series for Audi vehicles later this year. Stay tuned for updates!