The New, Improved IQ Series Stereos

The IQ Series has long been one of XTRONS best sellers. With an immense array of modern technology and wide compatibility, it’s easy to see why. From compact city cars to luxury SUVs, the IQ Series units are optimised for many dashboards. We take a deep dive into the feature set below.

Not Just Tech

XTRONS have a passion for making car stereos that are functional, easy-to-use and beautiful. Usability is a key phrase for our design team, with all of our units featuring intuitive laid out menus and controls. UI systems keep all your most-commonly used apps where you’d expect them. Features such as screen-sharing, wi-fi hotspots and smartphone connectivity, whether Android or iPhone, keep the stereo useful for the whole family. Our units are made for daily life.

Double the Memory, Maximum Performance

The new and improved IQ Series takes all of this and wraps it up into a stunning package. Increasing memory and power to 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM, while retaining the great features of the original IQ Series units, you have unbeatable power for entertainment and information.

Connectivity is no problem, with 4G, built-in WiFi and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. Easily connect smartphones to your stereo to share content, gaming and access the internet. Today, you’d expect to be able to stay connected, for work or leisure, without interruption, and the IQ Series allows you to do just that. Experience all the joys of connected cloud technology on the road.

Grade A Screen & XTRONS UI

Experience the best sound possible wherever you are, with powerful amplification and ultra-flexible features. Whether you want big, booming bass or realistic acoustic environments, simply adjust the equaliser and sound field for the perfect sonics. If that all sounds too technical for your morning commute, simply use the preset music effects built into the top-quality AKM DSP chip. A quick and easy way to find the ideal setting.

Best-in-class Technology

XTRONS always leads with technology. We’re upfront about the underpinnings of our systems because we know how good they are. Great screens, great audio and versatility are wonderful features, but they count for nothing without a strong running system to make them work. We ensure that every part of our head units use industry-standard, brand name hardware that works as it should, every time. With bespoke running systems based on Android and Linux, and with exceptional ROM and RAM figures always listed, you can be assured of incredible runtime performance and lightning-fast data speeds BEFORE you buy.

Yours, Whatever You Drive

The IQ Series units fit perfectly into a huge array of cars, with specially-designed units for popular models, as well as a universal Double-DIN model. Take the huge IQ Series power with you on your journey, whatever you’re behind the wheel of.