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Light Your Way Home with the PX Series

XTRONS’ PX Series gets new models for more cars

XTRONS’ powerful new PX Series stereos now bring digital radio, global 4G connectivity and an inspiring display to even more car models. The PX Series stereos remain as powerful, flexible and easy to install as ever, giving you access to a suite of outstanding features.

Customisable Multi-coloured Display

All PX Series units feature button lights that change colour, in accordance with your mood and tastes. As well as giving you an inspiring and exciting display, you can give yourself a different experience every time - perfect for long drives and for those grey commutes when your mood could do with a boost!

Touchscreens work well and are very modern, but in our real-world experience on the road, real buttons can be so much more tactile. Real, mechanical buttons on the PX Series give you smooth and convincing operation, ensuring you know where you are in the menus and on the unit.

DAB Radio

Digital entertainment with stable and consistent signal comes as standard on XTRONS’ PX Series stereos. With an incredible choice of channels and content, you can listen to anything you can think of, on the go.

Perhaps you’re a huge fan of podcasts, keeping up with the latest true crime or current affairs programme. Or you’re a music buff, eagerly devouring concertos and symphonies? Whatever your journey, your soundtrack is important, so let the powerful DAB radio open up a whole new world of on-the-move listening.

Global 4G

Throughout the world, stay connected. If you have family you need to stay in touch with, or a job that needs to follow you wherever you go, you’ll need to stay contactable on your journey. You’ll probably want to be able to stream music as you travel too, or stream some entertainment when you break up a long drive. With an XTRONS stereo, you can. The global 4G receiver ready-installed gives you smartphone-like connectivity for your car.

Widely compatible for many models

The PX Series has boasted universal compatibility models since their launch. To enhance this, we have new models that are custom-fitted to many car brands, from both the US and Europe. Jeep, Volkswagen, Ford, Fiat and Opel/Vauxhall are all now served by custom-fitted, easy-to-wire PX Series stereos. Wider compatibility means more happy customers!

Voice commands and Smartphone connections

Featuring both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, with comprehensive support for voice commands, controlling your stereo remotely could not be easier. Cast your phone to the unit or vice versa, sync applications and share content with your passengers, all with your PX Series as the centre point. Clever and carefree.

Cutting Edge Processor

We pride ourselves on our technical expertise, with the PX Series boasting the same robust, powerful and industry-leading computing power. Engineered with a cutting-edge 12nm Android 13 octa-core processor, 4GB DDR4 RAM and a large 64GB Solid State drive. XTRONS never compromises on high quality, brand name, well built components, ensuring that your stereo is not just powerful, but durable. The PX Series is just the latest expression of these principles.

Browse our PX Series range now, and see if we have something powerful that can improve your journey.