Introducing the TIB110L – The 90º Rotating Screen

Always switching between portrait and landscape views on your phone? Well now you can on your car stereo! The TIB110L is our latest release, bringing you a host of new options.

Thanks to the rotatable structure and the built-in gravity sensor, it’s extremely easy to flip the 10.1" IPS screen from horizontal to vertical at any time. Absolute flexibility so you can see more content at a glance and stay focused on the road.

Furthermore the screen has 40º of tilt to avoid glare, and 50cm of travel up and down from the dashboard position. You can perfectly adjust your unit to your steering wheel and driving position. Total comfort in accessing your entertainment.

The interface has been specially designed for the unit. This means it adapts quickly and smoothly to the orientation of the screen. Perfect for maps and navigation, and for multitasking however you want to see the screen.

The Split Screen mode means you can view and use two apps simultaneously, and flip smoothly between the vertical and horizontal views while doing so. The UI will always shift to the position of your screen, keeping your data and entertainment accessible. Easier to keep your eyes on the road, and to make sure you get home safely.