IB Series Car Stereos

Our brand new IB Series made some huge waves when we introduced it to our product range, earlier this year. The re-designed UI, is inspired by stylish neon signs, most popular in the 60s. The retro inspiration is given a modern edge, which results in an extremely stylish unit with a high quality aesthetic. 

Our IB Series car stereos aren’t just a great piece of eye-candy, they’ve also got an extensive list of outstanding features, tucked behind the sleek exterior. Compiling an Android Pie 9.0 OS, Octa-Core processor and Rockchip PX5, our IB Series units represent a new age of in-car entertainment.

Delve into the full range on our website or explore some of our top picks from the range below: 

VW / Seat / Skoda - Android 9.0 | IB99MTVPL

Designed with the user in mind and the desire for quick and instantaneous navigation, the units boot up time has been cut to just 1 second. The Plug & Play design ensures quick and easy installation, simply plug your vehicle's factory wiring harness into the unit’s harness and you’re good to go!

£309.99 Buy Now >

BMW | X5 (E53) | Android 9.0 | IB9953BPL

Effortlessly executing multiple tasks at once, this unit features an impressive 64GB storage, allowing you to store more apps than previous series and run them smoothly. You can give your unit a personal touch by customising the unit button colour, using the Panel Light Colour function.

£304.99 Buy Now >

AUDI / Seat | Various | Android 9.0 | IB79AA4RP

Enjoy a fully immersive experience with the brand new Android Pie 9.0 and Octa-Core combination, providing seamless operation and navigation between applications. The built-in DVD player allows you and your passengers to enjoy movies on the go, from the comfort of your own car. 

£319.99 Buy Now >

Other series at Xtrons

Since the introduction of Android 9.0 Pie, we’ve created a number of different series featuring the newest in-car entertainment technologies as they become available. From PB to the IN series, each range of products offer different combinations of features that may be better suited to you. Explore our diverse range of car stereo products on our website.

If you have any enquiries or other questions, do not hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, head over to our Facebook page and keep updated with our latest products, videos and competitions.