Halloween at Xtrons

The season of ‘trick or treating’ is here, so we thought we’d put together a few of our top treats that we have to offer (there are no tricks involved!). So, dig your Halloween costume out of the closet and embrace our scarily good offers. 

If you’re a fan of horror movies, you’ll be able to watch them in style this Halloween. Our built-in DVD player car stereos offer you the chance to watch slasher flicks in a spine-tingling setting of your choice. 

Get your trick or treat bags at the ready, it’s going to be full by the time the clock strikes midnight!

Mercedes-Benz | PBX79M203

Mummified for Mercedes

Unfortunately, this unit doesn’t come wrapped in bandages. However, the silver lining is that you won't have to prize open an ancient tomb to get the unit either. In fact, our methods of shipping are much more modern and include many more countries than just ancient Egypt. You can now order this unit to Greece and Norway, both of which have just been added to our shipping list.

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BMW |  PBX7946B

Built for the Boogeyman

This car stereo won’t be much use hiding under your bed. Instead, you’re better off fitting it in your hellishly flashy 3 Series and taking full advantage of the units capabilities. The button colours are also customisable, meaning you can change the colour to give an eerie vibe for the complete Halloween aesthetic.

£339.99 Buy Now >

Fiat | IN79BYFP

Frankenstein's Favourite

Much like the fictional character of Frankenstein's monster, this unit has also been created from various different components in order to create a formidable being. The only difference being that this unit is easier on the eye than the laboratory abomination, nor will it seek revenge upon you for not giving it love and affection. 

£269.99 Buy Now >

Other Treats at Xtrons

As a versatile supplier of in-car entertainment products, we offer much more than just car stereos, such as headrest DVD players, overhead monitors and accessories.

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