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Enjoy Your Car on a Spring Road Trip

Longer days and better weather herald the arrival of Spring, and it’s the perfect time to start thinking about that road trip. If you’ve felt cooped up, lacking in sunshine and fresh air, or simply been shivering in the cold, it’s a great time to dust off the driving gloves and start dreaming about the open road.

Even if you’re a lover of winter, the snow, ice and darkness can all get a bit much, and those early morning commutes before the sun rises can test even the most patient souls.  The biting chill when deicing your windscreen and door seals, the endless wait for the heater to warm the cab - it can make driving into a chore rather than a pleasure. Moreover, driving in winter is full of perils, with black ice and fog often making road conditions treacherous.

Places to Go, People to See

Thankfully, for one more year, those cold and dark days are coming to an end. The sun’s angle gets steeper from this point on, and with any luck will make any drive, even a commute, a pleasure. Spring is a time of lighter moods and better weather, and it may be time to start thinking about longer journeys again.

If you love to drive but hate the cold, you’ll be rejoicing that the long nights are leaving us, and the roads can be (mostly) trusted again - but there is still a note of caution…

Watch Out for the Weather!

While the weather out there on the roads is certainly getting better, spring is not without its dangers! Sudden rains or unseasonably cold conditions can have dangerous effects out there on the highways and byways, meaning you should always drive with some vigilance.

Thankfully, there is a whole range of accessories to help you focus on the road. Concentrating and driving with due care doesn’t entirely preclude having fun! An external microphone can help you control all the functions of your stereo with simple voice controls, while a stereo equipped with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto can help you sync up your smartphone, all hands free. Try the wireless CP04 for the ultimate in car and iPhone integration.

Tyres are a key and often-forgotten part of your car’s underpinnings. Needless to say, your tyres should always be inflated to the correct temperature, and should be checked regularly to ensure that there is enough tread and grip. In the old days, this meant getting your hands dirty, or worse, guessing. Today, thankfully, a pressure sensor takes the worry out of it - try adding one of our TPMS arrangements, to ensure your drives are not only safe, but without any nervousness.

Enjoy Your Journeys

We think it’s really important, if you can at all help it, to enjoy your journeys. Driving itself can be a pleasurable experience, especially if conditions are good. However, for your passengers, who don’t have as good a view as the driver, and no active part in the drive, longer drives can get boring in the extreme. So what to do? You need some rear seat entertainment.

Whether you’re looking for a drop-down unit, ceiling mounted for easy access, or an integrated headrest screen for a discreet and classy finish, we have the thing you’re looking for.

The HM127A is perfect for the task. Running on a customised Android platform, with a stunningly bright and clear 12.5” screen, it has an anti-glare coating and a host of audio output features, meaning it’s perfect for your headrest. A discreet look and powerful connectivity makes it at home in even the most refined cars.

If you drive a bigger car, the CM136A might be the thing you need to entertain your passengers. With a larger 13.3” display, its full HD screen gives you outstanding images, easily visible even a couple of rows back. It’s also effortless to install, taking the hassle out of putting in this sort of feature. Fun for all the family!

Get Your Car Up-to-Date

Even the best-driving cars eventually start to show their age. For most vehicles, their interiors will date faster than their underpinnings. If, for example, you own an executive car that can be good for 150,000 miles-plus, you’ll recognise the longing for a new entertainment system.

A new head unit can be more than a radio and music player; it can be the centre of a whole new infotainment experience, both for you and for your passengers. Whether it’s video, navigation, browsing the internet or pulling in digital radio channels, your new XTRONS head unit can be the beating digital heart of your car.

Compatible with any and all cars with a Double DIN factory stereo, the TEX726L brings up-to-date Android power to any car. Powerful underpinnings with a large SSD run music, video and internet flawlessly, and connecting your smartphone is a breeze thanks to the built-in screen mirroring, CarPlay and Android Auto. Flexibility that’s widely compatible.

If you drive a BMW, the chances are it could go a long way before you need to replace it, and in doing so, its in-car entertainment may start to feel a little tired. The QXB2260CI is a powerful aftermarket option, filled with modern touches such as Android 12, Bluetooth 5.1, Smartphone connectivity and built-in 4G. Best of all, it integrates perfectly with your existing BMW system, making for a seamless transition.

(Note: if your car operates on a different system, other models may work better for your car - browse HERE).

Stay Informed & Entertained

More than simple entertainment, modern stereos allow you to engage with the world at large; 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity, along with easy smartphone connections, keep you connected. Whether you want to keep up with current affairs, use your car as a roving office, or simply keep up with your favourite influencers on social media, it’s all possible!

Make use of one of our many head units with built-in connectivity, or tether your phone to achieve the same effect - it’s up to you.

With the universal-fit TIX725L, you get a global 4G solution to ensure you’re always connected to whatever’s going on. With powerful built-in digital sound processing, all of your music and content comes ringing through crystal-clear too. It’s a supreme experience.

If your old radio is starting to feel a little limited, and you desire more to choose from, a DAB+ Receiver is the easy way to add a whole world of digital programming to your driving. Debate the latest opinions, listen to niche genres of music, catch up on your favourite sport and ensure you know what’s going on - it’s so easy with a simple USB dongle.

This spring, rediscover the joy of driving, and put your in-car entertainment to good use. Whether you need a whole new system, or just an additional finishing touch, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the XTRONS range.