The New IQ Series – The Smart Choice For In-Car Entertainment

The ultimate octa-core Android Head Unit has arrived, the new IQ Series.

As the name suggests, this new series is the smart choice to boost the intelligence of your in-car entertainment system.

Speed & Power

With an octa-core 2GHz Qualcomm processor, 6GB of Dual Channel DDR4 RAM and a 128GB SSD, this Android Head Unit is built for peak performance at all times. Using 3rd generation Qualcomm A.I, the IQ series provides powerful experiences for great graphical performance and top class security.

The Latest In-Car Android Experience

Installed with Android 12, you are guaranteed support for the latest apps. You also get the advantage of the enhanced performance and security features that come with the latest of Google’s OS. We take the best features of Android 12, and customise it to best suit the in-car experience.

An Unparalleled Audio-Visual Experience

Powered by an Adreno 610 GPU, this unit is engineered to be incredibly immersive and responsive for gaming and 4K video playback. IQ Series units also have a built-in DSP and a 4x 45 Watts amplifier output you can enjoy superb, crisp sound from your IQ series, that can be fine tuned to turn up the bass, make the vocals even more clean and crisp, or create a spatial audio environment to immerse yourself in the beat while on the road.

Interaction With No Boundaries

You can also pair your phone with your IQ series on both iPhone through CarPlay and Android Auto. This unlocks all the features of your phone, and it’s compatible apps in a road-safe environment, and allows you to gain access to voice commands via Siri or Google directly through your IQ series unit.