Built for a Supreme Experience – the IX Series

XTRONS’ new IX Series head units are here! Bringing your car stereo superfast processing, smartphone technology and wide flexibility, these units offer massive functionality and easy use. Below we examine some of the models’ outstanding features, as well as how they integrate into your in-car environment.

Powerful & Futuristic

If you feel that your dashboard isn’t up to speed with your driving, the IX Series might just be for you. With powerful architecture and highly adaptable features, the IX Series can bring your electronics up-to-date in one fell swoop. A wealth of internal know-how leads to exceptional speed and capability, whatever the task. An Android 12 platform and 128GB solid-state drive, along with an octa-core processor, means that the units have been over-engineered for the task and will not disappoint. Anything you can throw at these chips is taken with enthusiasm.

Double DIN Flexibility

As well as model-specific head units, the IX Series features stereos made to the popular Double DIN standard. This means that whatever car you drive, an XTRONS model fits and integrates effortlessly. The TIX221L and the TIX725LS both feature this flexible industry-standard format, integrating easily into any Double DIN dashboard with few modifications.

Smartphone Connections

From Bluetooth to Screen Mirroring and more, whether you prefer an Android or an iPhone, your stereo and phone become part of the same system. Use your car stereo as an entertainment suite, as a business hub, or as a wi-fi hotspot for the whole family. Cast content between devices, share screens and send messages - it’s all effortless. Entertain your family and friends and ward off the boredom of travel.

Wide-Angle Displays

QLED, IPS screens for the whole series mean that you have outstanding visuals throughout. The Universal Fit TIX221L is of particular attention here, with its unique adjustable and rotatable screen. This allows you to position the unit to the perfect angle for comfort and clarity. Swivel up to 40° and by up to 50mm for the ultimate view. The gravity sensor always keeps your content usable and in the correct orientation; that’s flexibility on top of flawless clarity.

Bespoke XTRONS interface

The user interface is thoughtfully designed, for easy use and powerful control. Access to menus and apps can be customised to suit your needs, with everything you use most kept close at hand. The menus are clear, precise and logical, as well as looking great. You’ll always know where you are and where you’re going.

A Centre Point for Your Journey

You can think of the XTRONS IX Series as something of a nerve centre for your car. While your entertainment is best-in-class, you can also accessorise easily with a range of technical devices. Tyre pressure monitor systems and DVR dash cams are two of the most popular add-ons, giving you safety, peace of mind, and even lower insurance premiums, syncing effortlessly with the IX Series. Similarly, the addition of an OBD2 scanner gives you access (via your smartphone) to engine error codes and technical data, helping you understand your engine and interpret problems.

The IX Series offers your dashboard the perfect new entertainment component. There are bespoke units in the series for BMW, Audi, Jeep and more, as well as the extremely flexible Double DIN size. Shop the range now, and you might find your perfect new travel companion.