Best Car Stereos To Get Your Vehicle Online

In a connected world, one often overlooked device, is the car stereo. With the potential to stream Spotify, surf online, and even watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster; it's time to re-think how you connect your car stereo to the outside world.

Many car owners choose to get music to their car stereo via Bluetooth - connecting their mobile phone, enabling Bluetooth, and selecting music via the appropriate app. This method has several drawbacks such as often not displaying the track information, and of course needing to choose the music via the app on your phone.

But what if you could insert a SIM card directly on your car stereo? Wouldn't that make life easier! No more enabling Bluetooth on your phone, and no more asking your passenger to select the next track.

Introducing the Xtrons Q series with built-in 4G.

What Does Built-in 4G Mean?

A car stereo with built-in 4G, has all the required technology for internet capability built into the device, without the need for any external dongles, or Bluetooth connections. Simply insert a 4G SIM card directly, and away you go.

Why Bother?

Built-in 4G offers you some key benefits, all making life that little bit easier! It is convenient to use. You don’t have to have a mobile phone or Wifi dongle around. Stable connectivity. Enable your car stereo to be connected to the internet directly. Keep your car interior looking tidy. No extra cables or dongles. No need to worry about running out of battery on your phone.

Which 4G Stereo

The QBTS89CC is one of the latest car stereos from our Q series product line. It comes with built-in 4G and features a Qualcomm CPU. It also retains the original car head unit system and all the functionality, such as iDrive system, and amplifier. For more info and full spec, take a look at the Xtrons QBTS89CC product page. Xtrons QBTS89CC is specially designed for BMW 3 series E90 (2005-2008) CCC and BMW 5 series E60 (2005-2008) CCC. If you are thinking about upgrading your BMW car stereo, it is a fantastic option.

Modern Day Tech On The Go

Consuming online media on-the-go is now a part of everyday life. As Google Assistance evolves, in-car-access allows you to engage hassle free. Asking Google Assistant to do play your favourite podcast or track, hands free, doesn't have to be something done only in your home.

With the latest map content, access to millions of business locations and details, reviews and much more, a 4G headset can take the convenience of your phone, and place it directly into your vehicle.

So, take a look at our latest offering, and you might just find that upgrading to 4G isn't as expensive as you might expect.