A Stylish Addition To Your Tesla

An Ultra-Modern Upgrade for an Ultra-Modern Car

The smartest dashboard in the industry just got smarter! The QIT91MTY is the new aftermarket stereo for Tesla, exclusively from XTRONS. With a number of notable upgrades on your factory radio, this unit makes the market-leader in electric vehicles even more enticing. 

Seamless Connections

If you’ve gone to the trouble of buying a Tesla, the chances are you want to take advantage of all that technology in-car. Thankfully, the QIT91MTY slots into the system seamlessly. 

The unit supports the original vehicle protocol, giving you all the information that you would expect on your factory stereo. Apart from all the usual A/V information, you can also access engine data, engine RPM, the speedometer and more. Everything you need is right there and easy to access.

Smartphone access is also incredibly easy, with plenty of connectivity - Wireless Apple Carplay, fully-featured Android Auto and an internal Bluetooth chip form a whole ecosystem with your dashboard. Link up everything easily from the driver’s seat. 

Smooth & Stable - Powered by Linux

More than ever, we wanted to give this unit strong underpinnings. A powerful and specially-designed Linux system provides the engine to all this processing power - we felt it was appropriate to use something technologically advanced in such an ultra-modern vehicle. You need something that responds instantly, and has plenty of power on tap, and the incredible operating system delivers.

Incredible Visuals

The interior of a Tesla is all tied to the same concept. That means that when you replace the stereo, you have to think in the same manner - squeezing features in at the expense of style won’t be tolerated. That’s exactly why we’ve designed this unit to fit perfectly into the environment of your car.

The incredible discreet, sleek and clear screen on the QIT91MTY gives you all the feedback you need for your journey, including both entertainment options and engine information. It’s important that the screen rises to the challenge of the internal software of the car, so we designed it with the utmost care and attention. The fully-laminated surface makes for a crisp picture and outstanding durability at all times, even in bad weather or direct sunlight, so the whole viewing experience is a premium one.

Automatic Day/Night Mode

The screen being an important feature on this model, XTRONS design team wanted the car’s occupants to see it clearly and easily, as well as have it blend with the cab’s environment. The automatic Day & Night modes do just that, making sure the drive is distraction-free, and that the ambience of the dashboard stays in keeping.

The dashboard display is synchronised with the central touchscreen, lending the whole system the same look and feel, and making sure everything works together. Whether you're driving down a country lane in the sunshine, or pounding down an urban highway under streetlights, the screen is always there waiting, and the car’s interior feels slick and consistent.

High-Technology at a Great Price 

Even better, these units are available at a special price for a limited time only. If you’d like to see quite how much power you can squeeze out of your Tesla’s operating system, look no further than XTRONS’ QIT91MTY, and let us help you maximise your car’s potential.