BMW | E39 | Android 10 | Hexa Core | 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM | 4K Video Playback | PQS7039B

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BMW | E39 | Android 10 | Hexa Core | 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM | 4K Video Playback | PQS7039B


7'' Hexa-core 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Android 10 Car Radio GPS Navigation Built-in CarPlay Android Auto DSP Dual Band WiFi Latest Bluetooth 5.0 HDMI Output for BMW E39

BMW |7" Screen | 1024x600 Pixels | Built-in DSP | 4K Video Playback | CarPlay & Android Auto

Premium Infotainment

Super Core 64bit

Experience incredible performance and improved power efficiency with the powerful hexa-core 1.8Ghz 64bit processor. This unit uses Arm big.LITTLE processing technology - with the "LITTLE" and "big" processors, the stereo is able to adjust to your usage patterns, always staying efficient and stable. 

Upgraded Industrial Standard Hardware

The latest CPU cooling technology.

More integrated functions. 

Enhanced processing performance. 

Maximum Capacity - 64GB SSD Memory plus 4GB RAM

The significant memory increase makes data processing more efficient while the acceleration mode optimises the system for fast and smooth gaming.

Outstanding Graphics Performance

Unparalleled Image Processing

XTRONS PQS series uses the highest performance GPU. Thanks to the impressive image processing capabilities of the Mali-T860 processor, you can unlock a world of 4K video in your car. It offers high performance, energy efficient media processing to provide visually stunning infotainment. 

Built-in DSP

XTRONS PQS series offers extensive sound adjustment options to get the best out of your car sound system and to adjust the sound to your taste and preferences. The built-in 15-band EQ allows separate adjustment with a professional level of detail. 

HDMI Output

With the HDMI output port, you can connect your in-car entertainment system to any HDMI enabled monitor or other device. Share the high definition video and pristine quality audio with all of your passengers, so everyone gets to enjoy the journey!

Built-in CarPlay and Android Auto

Extend Your Smartphone to Your Car

Simply connect your smart phone to your head unit and be amazed at how incredibly intuitive it is. Via the voice control function, everything is designed to bring the best out of your iOS or Android Phone and establish a close connection with the head unit. 

  • Supports wired connection for Android phone with Android 4.3 and above
  • Supports wireless and wired connection for iPhone 5 and later models with iOS 10 and above


  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0
  • Dual Band WiFi 
  • HQ Radio Chip
  • HQ Amplifier Chip
  • Super Accurate GPS Chip
  • 64GB ROM/4GB RAM
  • Enhanced Cooling Methods
  • Steering Wheel Control

OBD2 - Diagnose Your Car Status

With the OBD2 function, you can retrieve real-time data and trouble codes from your vehicle’s computer. The information obtained from your vehicle is presented in an easy-to-read format, keeping you up-to-date with what's going on in the engine.

Note: The OBD2 scanner box is not included (XTRONS OBD01, OBD02, OBD03 and OBD04 are compatible)

Video Input Ports

A DVR captures your journey from the dashboard, giving you features such as collision footage which can bring your insurance premium down. A front or reversing camera provides a more accurate image of the world around you, meaning a safer ride and safer manoeuvres for you and your passengers.

Note: The DVR, front view camera and reversing camera are not included (XTRONS DVR023S, DVR025S, DVR027S, DVR028, DVR030, CAM001F and reversing cameras are compatible)

Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPMS)

After installation, the TPMS sensors will automatically monitor your tyre pressure and temperature, sending their status to the driver's seat. You can view real-time data and stay on top of your safety.

Note: Tyre pressure monitoring receiver system is not included (XTRONS TPMS01, TPMS05 and TPMS07 are compatible


4K Video Player

Equipped with the latest video technology, the unit supports 4K video and is compatible with most video formats. You and your passengers can watch your favourite movies on the road!

DAB+ Tuner Ready 

After connecting a USB radio receiver stick (not included) via the USB port, you can enjoy fabulous sound quality and a stronger signal to many digital audio channels.

Online Maps, Free to Navigate

Supports Sygic, iGO, Waze and any other navigation software that is compatible with Android OS. Never worry about getting lost now.

Bluetooth 5.0

You can control many of your phone's functions with your voice. Connect your phone to the unit via Bluetooth and tap the microphone icon on the unit screen to issue a voice command. You can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages and listen to music. Best of all, it is in a way that allows you to stay focused on the road.

Dual Band Wi-Fi

Dual-band Wi-Fi supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz band and provides faster speed and flexibility. It avoids connection issues or interferences and offers more stability. 

3G/4G Internet

You can also access the internet by inserting a SIM card into the 3G/4G dongle (not included) and use it as a hotspot to connect the head unit, tablets and laptops in your vehicle.

Built-in Radio Tuner

18 FM and 12 AM stations

Built-in USB

64GB (the max files in the USB should be 4GB)

Built-in DVD Drive

The built-in multi-region DVD player is compatible with most available DVD and CD formats, thus ensuring the widest possible viewing experience on the market.

Steering Wheel Controls

Steering wheel controls are designed to make it safer to interact with the head unit when you're driving. You can use these controls to adjust the volume, change channels, skip songs, and more without taking your hands off the steering wheel or taking your eyes off the road. 

Optimised CANbus Decoding

The unit builds a close relationship with your car. Your car's original functions including steering wheel controls, headlight ACC and reversing controls can all be retained with this unit. 


Explore your options and maximise your system with our range of accessories. Make the most of in-car technology.



Enjoy the audiophile-level sound in your car






Monitors your tyre pressure and temperature

XTRONS TPMS01, TPMS05 and TPMS07 are compatible





A window for you to diagnose your car status

XTRONS OBD01, OBD02, OBD03 and OBD04 are compatible





Helps you record your journey on the road

XTRONS DVR023S, DVR025S, DVR027S, DVR028 and DVR030 are compatible 





Makes the input of information easy

XTRONS AMK003 is compatible





Browse the Internet with a 3G/4G Dongle

XTRONS 4GDONG001 and 3GDONG008 are compatible





Ensure the safety of your driving

XTRONS CAM005/CAM006/CAM007/CAM009/CAM001F are compatible





Makes hands free Bluetooth safer and easier

XTRONS MIC001 & MIC002 & MIC003 & MIC004 are compatible




Car Auto Play

The best car connection experience for your smartphone

XTRONS CP02 and CP03 are compatible


Head Unit: 178x158x50mm


Face Panel: 285x120x30mm


2 x ISO Wiring Harness

2 x USB Cable

1 x GPS Antenna

1 x RCA Cable

1 x Camera Cable

Fitting Kits

1 x CANbus Box

1 x Radio Antenna Adapter

1 x User Manual






Applicable Models

For BMW E39 M5 (1999-2003), BMW E39 (1995-2003)

Cables You May Need:


  1. Please check your car’s radio antenna port - if it is inside the console, you may need to order an adapter cable (XTRONS ISOFZ) to finish the installation.
  2. Please check your car’s radio antenna port - if it is in the boot you may need to order two extension cables (XTRONS ISOFZ and FZFM) to finish the installation.
  3. If your car's original radio is 4.3'' or 7'' screen with 12 pins plug,or you have the navigation drive located in the rear of your car, you need to order an extra 6m extension cable to aid the installation.(XTRONS EXL005 and EXL007 are compatible.)

  4. If there is a DSP (Digital Sound Processing) button in your factory radio, or your car has a digital sound system such as "Harman Kardon" , you need to order an extension cable to aid the installation. (XTRONS EXL005 and EXL007 are compatible.)

  5. If your car has a fibre-optic amplifier system like ''Harman Kardon'', you need to order a decoder to aid the installation.(XTRONS FOBB05 is compatible.)


  1. Please check whether there is a frame in the center console of your car -  if there is, please remove the frame first to finish the installation.

  1. Please note that if your radio harness is 17 pins and the 4 pins indicated are empty, this unit will NOT fit your car.

  2. Please ensure your car’s central console is circular before purchasing, or it will NOT fit your car perfectly.

  3. If your car is a BMW E38, please check whether there is an HVAC box behind the factory radio. If there is, this unit will NOT fit your car. Please refer to XTRONS PQS1039BL



In-Car Entertainment

XTRONS has been working continuously to bring the latest technology and concepts to your driving experience. We aim to develop long-lasting quality products with excellent customer service, allowing us to lead the aftermarket in-car entertainment industry.







The Xtrons Commitment

XTRONS is committed to providing high quality products and outstanding customer service, by ensuring that we meet and exceed industry regulations and standards, from manufacturing to distribution.


  • High and Low-Temperature Test between -20° and +80°
  • Electrostatic Test
  • 8-hours Accelerated Aging Test
  • Verified In Car Test
  • Impact Test
  • 1.2 Meters Drop Test


High Definition provides a crisp resolution, maximising your in-car entertainment experience.

Apple Play

Connect your iPhone to your car stereo via the USB port and make the most of your phone’s fabulous features, videos and music!


Hook up your head unit to any Bluetooth device and access music, share videos and make calls hands-free.


Make the most of surfing the internet without relying on Wi-Fi. Optional dongle required.


Enjoy the ability to roam the internet freely without restriction. Optional dongle required.


Built in Wi-Fi allows for faster LTE download speeds and greater access to the internet, wherever you are.

Touch Screen

Multi-touch screen, provides a remarkably fluid and intuitive operation.


Licensed Kudos maps for Windows CE models. Google Maps, iGo, Sygic are available for download on Android models, so you never get lost.


A built-in USB port to upload, download & connect your music, files and information on the move.


Benefit from Digital Video Broadcasting & stream straight to your unit with an optional receiver.


The built-in radio tuner with RDS enabled gives you 18FM & 12AM stations as well as live updates.


Enjoy the full DVD experience from the comfort of your own car.


The SD card portal allows for additional access to your personal files and information, for easy exchanges.


Giving you more choice and access to your favourite digital radio stations.


A breakthrough Android experience - high performance without compromise & improved power efficiency from a powerful 6-core processor.


Fetch multiple real world signals like audio & video - measure, compress & filter them efficiently to give you better multi-use performance & power.


Making hands-free Bluetooth easier and safer, as callers can hear you with improved clarity. Optional mic required.


Retrieve real-time data, in an easy to read format, allowing you to understand any troubles with your car’s computer.


Receive real-time information about the pressure, temperature and performance of your tyres, for additional safety.


External DVR helps to record your journeys for added peace of mind, ultimately improving your safety and security on our busy roads. Optional DVR required.

Reversing Camera

Have confidence when reversing. Reversing cameras help you to see clearly what’s behind you. Optional camera required.

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