Your Guide to Roof-Mounted Monitors

While your eyes are on the road and on the journey ahead, the chances are that your back-seat passengers will need some entertainment en route.

If you are thinking of installing a roof-mounted monitor, there is good news - it’s easy! Only simple wiring is required, and non-invasive fastenings to your car’s ceiling. However, there are a few variables you’ll need to consider; features, screen size and inputs/outputs will all help inform your choices -

Screen Size

Screen size is perhaps the most important variable you’ll find when picking a roof-mounted monitor. You’ll need to balance legibility and clarity of image, with practicality and realism. While you want to be able to view content clearly, no one likes sitting too close to the cinema screen! XTRONS stocks a huge range of sizes, from the petite 10.2” CM101HD, up to the luxurious 19.5” CM195HD. Whether you own a Mini or a minibus, you can find the perfect size screen to display all the content your passengers could want.

Inputs & Media Types

What are you going to use your monitor for? This is another important factor to consider. For example, if you have a library of DVDs your kids love, it’s no use getting a screen that doesn’t feature a DVD player. Similarly, if you plan on making gaming possible in the back seat, you’ll need an HDMI input. A simple scan over the feature set should guarantee you have what you need, whether it’s a simple DVD player, or a connectivity powerhouse with USB and SD support.


While it can seem secondary, sound output is of course an important aspect of entertainment. Many of our screens come with powerful built-in speakers, while others offer support for IR headsets, as well as more modern Bluetooth headphones. A full AV output means you can connect the player to your head unit too, for immersive sound in-car. Examine your needs, and you can have the perfect sound to go with the perfect visuals.

Power & Functionality

From slim and simple, to a smartphone on your ceiling, XTRONS stocks many different types of roof-mounted screens, all the way up to the new and powerful CM series players.

These two new beautiful and powerful Android rooftop players provide all the entertainment you could ask for. The inbuilt octa-core processors run the onboard Android system quickly and smoothly, so whatever you throw at it, the unit always runs beautifully. The all-new UI makes every menu clear, precise and easy to navigate, and a breeze to use. The virtual touch buttons and a slimline design makes the whole player ergonomic too, and great to look at even when folded away.

The CM125A gives you 1080p resolution on its 12.5” IPS screen, while the CM157A goes one better than that, supporting 8K video on a 15.6” screen. When added to the easy-to-navigate design, we believe there is simply no better-looking monitor out there.

Whatever vehicle you drive, and whatever your needs, a roof-mounted screen can hugely improve your passenger experience, and upgrade the interior of your car. Have a look at our range HERE, and you can find the perfect fit for those long journeys.