XTRONS Top 5 Accessory Picks


As the ever changing world of technology evolves, here at XTRONS we evolve too. In car technology is becoming more and more popular and we need to keep up to speed with the latest accessories and trends. We have created this blog post to share with you our top accessory picks… from reversing cameras to TPMS, Xtrons delivers the highest quality.. So what are our picks?

1. 3G/4G Dongle -

In this day and age we are connected across the world 24/7. We have made the internet their point of call as a way of communicating. We socialise, chat, share their location via the internet. So why not continue that simplicity whilst you travel? XTRONS have created the perfect solution; an in car dongle.

4G - 3G Dongles are a very important add on if you purchase a unit with external 3G or 4G Internet function. Take the 3G HSDPA wireless data card and enjoy fast, reliable internet connection anywhere at any time! Please remember to choose the correct 3G or 4G dongles for your unit so that you can roam the Internet without restriction.

- 3GDONG008: Compatible with all XTRONS Android head units.

- 4GDONG001: Compatible with all XTRONS Android head units.

The dongle is a little USB port that will connect to wireless internet networks. Another positive about a dongle is that they’re small in size which makes them very portable meaning that you can transport them easily. So why choose an in car dongle? Not only will it give you that all needed, all wanted internet access it will allow you to access it in the car. Giving yourself and your passengers an accessible, enjoyable journey ahead.

So, what are the key features of the 4G Lte Dongle?

- Not only a 4G USB Modem, but also a USB Wireless Router

- Small device, easy to transport meaning you can take it anywhere

- Very easy to use - simply plug into USB port and away you go

- Wireless access is available on 3G/4G and wifi networks

- Compatible with all XTRONS Android Units

- Connecting the dongle gives access to Wi-Fi for all passengers

You can take a look here - https://bit.ly/3eWWlh5

2. External Microphone -

Ah yes, the external microphone, another handy piece of kit. A microphone is an acoustic-to-electric transducer or sensor that converts sound in air into an electrical signal. Microphones are used in many applications, Xtrons external microphones are designed specially for car head units. With an external microphone, you can place it in the best possible location for audio pick up while driving.

The external microphone is a handy piece of kit for any driver. It allows you to have a hands free experience which is great for making calls in the car.

What are the key features of an External Microphone?

- Small and discreet microphone

- Transportable

- The size of the external microphone allows you to place it in the best possible position for picking up sound allowing a clear voice transmission. Take a look at our range of external microphones here - https://bit.ly/30GyAom

3. Reversing Camera-

The reversing camera allows a crystal clear view of the rear of the car. For some people a common issue is the fear of reversing into the back of someone else’s car or hitting something stationary. This issue can be resolved with the simple solution of installing reversing cameras that are paired with the right car accessories, so that you can see what the camera is picking up. With over 15 different reversing cameras available, we at XTRONS have something to suit everyone. All of the cameras are designed to the highest of standards so they can be used both in poor weather conditions and at night without issue. The cameras install via video input, which means screens offering video input are used to display what the camera can see.

We have an installation guide for our Reversing Cameras which should be checked over before installing. You can find our reversing cameras here - https://bit.ly/2EfYHuJ

4. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System -

The tyre pressure monitoring system is fast becoming a sought after piece of kit, what makes it so brilliant? Checking the tyres on your car is very important especially when going on long journeys. Please note that the TPMS will work with vehicles up to a max weight of 3.5 ton.

XTRONS have created this great bit of kit and here are some of the key features of the internal TPMS:

- Increase overall driving safety by providing a better understanding of your vehicle’s tyre conditions

- Real-time monitoring of tyre pressure and temperature for each tyre

- Accurately detects tyre pressure and temperature changes once parameters are stretched

- With the monitoring system an alarm will be triggered if any foreign body enters the tyre, such as nails.

- Tyre leakage alert

- High Pressure alert

- Low Pressure alert

Long road journeys can encounter all kinds of terrain, some of which may have a negative impact on the tyres on your car which could result in tyres bursting. You can take a look at our range of TPMS here - https://bit.ly/2WRBzJA

5. Dash Cam -

Car Dash Cameras are a very useful add-on for your vehicles when you drive on the go. It will automatically detect the scenery of a journey and will begin recording. It’s always worth checking the following information to ensure you have got the right Dash Cam recorders for your car stereos.

You can take a look at our range of Dash Cams here - https://bit.ly/3hDbHZK