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The PEX Series – Prioritise Enjoyment

The PEX Series brings incredible underpinnings and spectacular audio to your car, with a futuristic feature-set and easy smartphone integration. Let’s have a look at what’s under the bonnet below - 

Android 12 Platform - Quick and Intuitive

A powerful and customised Android platform gets you to the heart of your entertainment. Easy-to-navigate menus along with quick and efficient operation ensure that every function is just an effortless gesture away. XTRONS head units react quickly and reliably to everything you ask for, in no small part thanks to the ingenious Android architecture. What’s more, the huge Android app library is accessible to you, for entertainment, diagnostics, productivity and more. 

High Quality Hardware

As part of our quality promise, all XTRONS stereos are built using high-quality, industry-standard components, and the PEX Series is no exception. Internally, the 2.5GHz processor grants you huge computing power in a flash, linking together the powerful features of the series, while the true Solid-State Drive enables you to access files and apps quickly and reliably.

Everything about these head units should feel reliable and substantial under your fingers, with the dual-layer screen and multi-function buttons a simple pleasure to use. Customised UI features and built in DSP to boost your sound make the most of your in-car experience, giving your cab a total refresh.

Smartphone Connectivity

As is only appropriate to these ultra-modern car stereos, your smartphone can be a crucial part of your in-car entertainment with the PEX Series. Each unit comes ready with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so whichever platform you prefer, you can link your device to your head unit seamlessly.

Mirror your screen, control your stereo from your phone, tether the internet or share apps and content - it’s all a breeze with these ultra-modern functions. The smartphone connectivity in these units opens up your dashboard as a centre of operations, whether for entertainment or as a mobile office.

XTRONS’ PEX Series supports both wired and wireless Apple CarPlay, and wired Android Auto. 

Coaxial Outputs for Serious Audiophiles

If you’re a serious music lover, or have an aftermarket amplifier in your car with bass that you just can’t live without, the PEX Series might be the perfect upgrade. With a true coaxial output for connecting external amplifiers and systems, you can have powerful audio streaming through the system of your dreams.

Built-in digital sound processing (DSP) means you have access to full customisation of your sound, with full EQ, sound presets, bass filter and more. Whether you’re listening to dubstep or a symphony orchestra, your music comes through clear and authentic, with incredible power and detail. If you prefer live radio or podcasts, special speech and loudness presets make sure you don’t miss a single word of the story.

Wide Compatibility for Different Makes and Models

XTRONS’ PEX Series has been customised for a wide range of makes and models, so whatever you drive, you can have up-to-the-minute entertainment and connectivity. For example, the PEX7250FL is perfectly styled for your Fiat 500, while the PEX72HGTL will fit a wide range of Toyota vehicles. If you drive something a little more unusual, the TEX726L has universal compatibility with any car with a Double DIN factory stereo. The perfect finish to virtually any dashboard.

The PEX Series is an incredible way to bring XTRONS’ entertainment and processing power to your dashboard. The catalogue of features makes every minute spent in the driver’s seat a pleasure, and even a boring commute memorable. Try replacing your factory radio with one of our powerful units for an unforgettable experience.