WinCE Car Stereo Vs Android Car Stereo

WinCE Car Stereo

It wasn’t too long ago when WinCE and Android OS (Operating Systems) were in completely different weight categories and you wouldn’t even begin to compare them. But now the two titans of in-car entertainment systems are battling it out to become the most credible heavyweight in the market.

History clearly shows how the previous punching power of Windows CE (Microsoft) gave it a superior advantage over any of its challengers. However, lately, Android have been bulking up. And now they’re going toe to toe with WinCE for the title of best international head unit.

Here’s how they match up…

WinCE Car Stereo Vs Android Car Stereo Tale of the Tape:

01. Preferences

WinCE is renowned for its simplicity and efficiency. Ultimately, it delivers to what the customer expects and gives them a secure understanding and stability in a product. In the opposite corner, the opposing argument is that Android offer too many functions making it a lot more complex and difficult to manage or understand; possibly leading to more errors. On the flip side of that, perhaps the OS with the most functionality will suit more people and more vehicles, allowing for greater entertainment.

02. Features

If it’s features and accessories you like, the range of gadgets that are compatible with Android are far superior to that of WinCE. The simplest way to make a clear comparison is to check out our features tab on any Android or WinCE car stereo on our website.

03. Reputation

A decade ago, the reputation of WinCE would demolish anybody who dared to challenge it. Nowadays, Android have built up a fearsome reputation and following making it more than formidable. It’s anybody’s call.

04. Performance 

Due to the fact that each of the competitors are constantly renewing their OS with additional software updates, they tend to match one another when it comes to the technical specifications. The guarantee with WinCE is that you are investing in a reliable and smooth operation. They pride themselves on performance. Android are now matching that performance but due to its excessive additional features, it demands more from its processors. To tackle that, they recently introduced their Octa-Core range.

05. Price

Depending on your stance here, you may be inclined to make a snap decision. The fact of the matter is that Android are much more expensive than WinCE. Is that due to their impressive range of features and its adaptability? Or is it an over-inflated valuation? It’s more likely due to the flexibility in licensing software and hardware compared to WinCE’s stricter policies.

06. Recommendations

We stock both WinCE and Android, because we can see the benefits of each. We understand our customer’s needs are varied, therefore it’s difficult to pick a clear knock-out winner. So, we’ve thrown in the towel and chosen one of each for you to take a look at. Enjoy.

PDAB70MTV - WinCE Car Stereo for Volkswagen/SKODA/SEAT

7"HD Digital Touch Screen WinCE car stereo for Volkswagen/SKODA/SEAT


PB76IBSAP - Android Car Stereo for Seat Ibiza

Seat Ibiza Android Car Stereo

If you’re still undecided about which of the two contenders to back, feel free to get in touch and ask our technical team any further questions.

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