Why Buy Direct From XTRONS

Buying direct from XTRONS gives you some key benefits over purchasing from other online retailers. Our satisfaction guarantee, coupled with our expert vehicle knowledge, mean that XTRONS users have a better experience when buying direct. Heres why;

UK Dispatch
Our warehouse is in the UK, and for UK customers your product will be dispatched from our base in Leeds, not from overseas. You will have no import duty to pay.

When buying directly from the XTRONS website, your warranty and support will be direct with the XTRONS team in the UK. We can only offer this level of support to customers purchasing directly from us. This means you can tap into our years of experience and product knowledge to assist in instaling your product, should you need a helping hand.

We have offices based in the UK. Should any problems arise and a return is needed, you will be able to return the product directly to us in the UK, rather than via a third-party seller.

All the products we sell are authentic and genuine, new, and sealed XTRONS units. Our very latest models are available on our site before anywhere else.

Upgrade your ride today. Shop XTRONS.