What is the Q Series?

The XTRONS Q Series is a range of stereos that have been designed and customised to work with your vehicle’s original factory system, without the frustration of removing your CD drive, radio, sound system or any of your favourite hardware. All of the digital and electronic features will be integrated perfectly into your new XTRONS system. The stereos come with fully laminated display and an anti-reflective coating making the system even easier to use.

What are the features?

There is a great variety of features that come within the XTRONS Q Series these include:

High Definition - Who doesn't love HD? The Q Series comes with this fantastic feature that makes your inbuilt stereo system graphics as best as they can be with a higher resolution.

Touch Screen - The touch screen feature gives users freedom to choose their preferred song choice, video choice and more with ease.

Apple Play - The apple play feature allows you to connect your smartphone to your stereo system enabling you to make the most of your journey, enjoy your favourite music, videos and more.

GPS - Ah yes, the Global Positioning System, where would we be without it? ...Lost maybe? The Q Series stereo systems come fully equipped with Licensed Kudos maps for Windows CE models. Google Maps, iGo, Sygic are all available for download on Android models, this gives reassurance that your journey will get you from A to B as smoothly as possible knowing you won’t get lost.

Screen Mirroring - With the Screen Mirroring feature you can mirror your smartphone to the unit and operate all the entertainment features. Play games, watch videos and more.

TPMS - The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, checking up on your tyres health status is always worth doing and it has never been so easy. With the TPMS feature you can receive real-time information about the pressure, temperature and performance of your tyres.

Built in Wi-Fi - Everyone wants to stay connected, even whilst travelling. Having an inbuilt Wi-Fi feature allows for faster LTE download speeds and greater access to the internet, wherever you are.

Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 - The Qualcomm feature is a discrete Bluetooth module, which ensures full compatibility for the latest phones with Bluetooth 5.0. The bluetooth function allows you to seamlessly play music straight from your smartphone through to your in-car stereo. No delays. no catch-up audio. Just a great sound. You can hook up your head unit to any Bluetooth device and access music, share videos and make calls hands-free.

There are many more features that the XTRONS Q series units have to offer, you can see a full range of features here - https://bit.ly/38YlbLQ

With 13 years of experience in car entertainment we aim to develop long-lasting quality products with excellent customer service, allowing us to lead the aftermarket in-car entertainment industry. All of the XTRONS products are built to last and are rigorously tested, ensuring the highest quality and ultimate customer satisfaction. You can find all of the Q Series Products in the link just here - https://bit.ly/38YlbLQ