What is Octa-Core?

The question of ‘what is Octa-Core?’ is commonly asked amongst those looking to upgrade their in-car entertainment and find the most powerful car stereo. Luckily for you, you’ve struck gold because we can supply you with the answers! 

As experts in manufacturing outstanding car stereos, we’re obligated to educate you on everything car stereo-related, and we’re more than happy to. 

So, what is Octa-Core? Well, as the name suggests - if you’re familiar with the deep-dwelling Octopus - references eight. But eight what? This cutting edge configuration takes the power of one processor and octuples it! Leaving you with an 8-core an eight-core configuration, providing optimum speed and performance, especially when multitasking.

What is the advantage of Octa-Core over Quad-Core?

Using the same naming convention, Quad-Core (meaning four-core) offers half of what an eight-core can offer, essentially meaning half the power. Of course, the quad-core was released prior, so naturally the Octa-Core is an upgraded improvement on this and offers a superior performance. 

The Octa-Core’s configuration utilises multiple processors, allowing it to pack twice the punch and offer improved handling of high resolution videos, games and navigation applications. By distributing tasks more efficiently between processors, Octa-Core is capable of handling twice the workload, providing a key advantage over Quad-Core.

What is an Octa-Core processor capable of?

The Octa-Core processor has been built to be more efficient and more powerful than any of its predecessors. We believe, without a doubt, this has been achieved. The cutting-edge configuration can deal with the most demanding of tasks, providing a seamless user experience and completely eradicating any lag that otherwise would have occurred. 

Whether you’re a fan of watching movies on-the-go (via built-in DVD Player or streaming) or, playing video games on your car stereo, you can rest assured. The Octa-Core processor is more than capable of executing these tasks with maximum efficiency, in turn providing the ultimate user experience.

What is the cost of an Octa-Core car stereo?

Now, after reading about the incredible spec’ that Octa-Core offers, you may be thinking that you’re going to have to break the bank to seal the deal. Well, I'm sure you’ll be pleased to hear that you couldn’t be more wrong. 

We don’t just build exceptional car stereos, we offer exceptional value on those car stereos, also. Regardless of which vehicle it is you’re upgrading, you can pick up one of our universal fit Octa-Core car stereos, with Android 8.1 for as little as £224.99!

What is the best Octa-Core car stereo for my car?

We have a huge range of Octa-Core car stereos, spanning across Android 8.0, Android 8.1 and currently, the most recent release, Android 9.0. Here’s a couple of our favourites that offer the perfect balance between quality and value for money.

Double DIN | Android 8.1 | TR771L

Android 8.1 car stereo - What is octa-core

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Audi | A3 / S3 / RS3 | Android 8.0 | PB78AA3IP

Android 8.1 car stereo - What is octa-core

£294.49 Buy Now


Android 8.1 car stereo - What is octa-core

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What is Octa-Core - Answered by Xtrons

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