What is a Double DIN Stereo?

Double DIN Stereo

You may remember a blog we wrote to help the less tech-savvy amongst us decipher the differences between single DIN and double DIN stereos. We fear we didn’t quite do enough to answer the popular search term ‘what is a double DIN car stereo?’, so we’re having another go.

  After all, it is something we should know the answer to, considering we stock and sell hundreds of double DIN car stereos each year.  

Double DIN Stereo Simplified


What does DIN stand for?

Firstly, ‘DIN’ is an acronym for Deutsches Institiut für Normung, which is the German standards organisation.  

What does Double DIN mean?

In layman's terms, ‘Double DIN’ or ‘2 DIN’ is a term coined to specify a measurement. It’s a standardised size for a car stereo, radio or head unit.  

Why was Double DIN introduced?

Due to hundreds of different cars, with varying styles, being manufactured all around the world, the measurements of 178mm x 100mm, were introduced as a common standard, by the Germans, to make things more efficient. There were also single DIN units, and the double DIN car stereo are, essentially, twice the size. Arguably, this was to accommodate for more power, performance and features such as digital displays etc. as technology advanced. Although this standardisation gave an accurate measurement for width and height, a depth was never really determined.  

What does a Double DIN car stereo look like?

Obviously, over the years, the styles and designs of double DIN car stereos have changed alongside the technologies available and demands of the times. Our Double Din car stereos are a universal fit, so it shouldn’t matter which make or model car you have, it should just slot straight in to the standardised slot. Thanks, Germany.   Here are some typical examples of the universal head units (ones that adapt to most cars):     6.2" HD Digital TFT Touch Screen Double Din Stereo     10.1" Android 7.1 Double DIN Stereo  


    6.95" Android Double DIN Stereo  



What features come with a Double DIN stereo?

  Nowadays, the latest double DIN car stereos on the market come complete with all the expectations. Today, most have a large, digital display which is more often than not HD ready and touchscreen. This is to accentuate modern features such as built-in DVD players, navigation, screen mirroring and playing games. To discover more of the latest features, select any of our Double DIN head units and browse the individual specifications and features.  

Why would you choose a Double DIN stereo?

  The four key reasons as to why you may invest in a double DIN stereo are as follows: Entertainment  At the speed in which technology advances, Xtrons allow you and your car to keep in touch and not get left behind. A lot of old car stereo systems do not have the capability or functionality to comply with modern day devices and needs. For example, with Xtrons Double DIN stereos, there’s no longer a need for additional wires or devices to connect and listen to your music. With Wifi capability, Bluetooth, 4G, USB, SD & HDMI ports, there’s not many things you can’t do with an Xtrons car stereo. Safety  Outside of the entertainment facilities, there are a lot of additional safety benefits. Having real time information fed through your car’s computer to your head unit, can monitor and detect any problems. Additional extras like the OBDII Scanner tool and the TPMS can be introduced to give you a better understanding of your car’s performance. On top of this, reversing cameras and journey recorders can also be linked up to prevent accidents or for security purposes. Aesthetics  With interchangeable backgrounds displays, adaptable colour lighting and the plush finish only a smooth HD screen can provide, the modern visual appeal can lift any car interior. Not to mention the sleek and stylish design of each unit and their fittings and fixtures. Performance  The majority of our Double DIN stereos are built with Android operating systems. Android are often updating the performance of their units, the latest being Android Oreo 8.0 like in this unit, prior to that it we created universal head units with Android Nougat 7.1 technology like this one. The main difference being an additional 2G RAM with the latest model. Either way, they both are powered by powerful Octa-Core processors, allowing smooth transitions whilst navigating many features and applications. The overall performance is slick and can outperform some desktop computers.  

Double DIN, Danke.

  That’s it for double DIN stereos, for now. If we have any updates, we’ll be sure to share them with you. If you have any other questions regarding Double DIN or any of our products or services, just get in touch.