Using your Smartphone with your Car Stereo

With your Android smartphone and your XTRONS car stereo working together, you have both entertainment and functionality at your fingertips. We wanted to give you a brief guide to the key ways in which they can work together. Below are some of the more popular features.

Wired vs Wireless

Many of your phone’s functions can work beautifully over bluetooth or wi-fi. Music and audio streaming, phone calls, maps and voice activation software can all be accessed by this method, without any wires to clutter up your cab. However, some functions need a more robust connection. If you want to access movies or video content, or make the most of any screen mirroring functions, your best bet is to use a USB or HDMI cable, to truly squeeze out the device's potential

How to use MirrorLink with an Android Car Radio

MirrorLink is a device standard that integrates your smartphone and your car's entertainment system. It transforms Android phones into automotive platforms, hosting and running apps for use with external controls. This could be your car stereo touch screen, steering wheel controls, or other input device. MirrorLink uses a set of well-established technologies  to display the smartphone’s user interface on the head unit’s screen, and to communicate with the mobile device. So however you link them together, you can expect a reliable connection and powerful operation.

Make a Call Using Bluetooth

Making a call over bluetooth is simple! First, of course, you’ll need to connect your smartphone to your radio via Bluetooth. This should be as simple as pairing the devices. From there, you can start a phone call with your Android car radio with just a couple of presses. You will be able to type in phone numbers directly on your head unit, and even access your address book, all without looking down at your phone. Convenient, and safe! You can even stream music and audio programmes to your car stereo with your phone firmly in your pocket. Browse our range of microphones, to enable you to make calls with your XTRONS car stereo.

Improve your streaming music by using Bluetooth® with aptX

Bluetooth streaming has become more and more standard over time. In the past this audio could end up rather compromised, leading to a smearing, “swooshing” sound in the high end. Simply put, bluetooth was not designed with audio fidelity in mind - in order to get the data from one place to another, it is heavily compressed. aptX reduces the amount of audio compression when streaming over bluetooth, increasing the bitrate and improving the sound quality. With this codec you can achieve CD quality sound with the convenience of wireless. Furthermore, you can expect improved clarity on phone calls made over bluetooth with aptX. Shop our newest range of Android 10 Car Stereos, and make the most of the connections between your smartphone and your car.