Upgraded Rear Seat Monitors to Entertain and Enthral

A Drive Isn’t Just for the Driver

You may not be able to take your eyes off the road, but your passengers, especially on longer journeys, may need something to take their minds off the journey. An entertained cab is a happy cab, and we’ve all felt the boredom in the back seat on long trips. If you have unhappy shipmates, you may want to think about a rear seat monitor.

Optimised Across the Range

Our entire range of headrest monitors and roof-mounted monitors have been upgraded, top-to-bottom. Hardware, software and compatibility have been given a comprehensive refresh, in keeping with XTRONS’ spirit of constant innovation. 

Two Placement Options

There’s one question that first needs to be answered - roof-mounted or headrest mounted? Which way you jump will be partly preference, partly practicality, but there are advantages to both.

Headrest Monitors:

  • Simpler installation
  • Less intrusive design
  • Allows for dual screens

Roof-mounted Monitors:

  • More discreet mounting position
  • Only one unit necessary
  • Generally allows for a larger screen size

What you choose will be a reflection of what car you drive and what your needs are. They’re different ways to the same end - keeping the car entertained!

New Software, New Possibilities

New software underpinnings, with a customised Android platform, gives you a simple and powerful interface to use all your favourite video applications. Netflix, Disney+, YouTube and Spotify are all a touchscreen away, along with your other popular subscription services. Your passenger seat becomes one with your sofa, and your passengers will no longer fear those long journeys! 

The new and improved WiFi module allows for more stable data streaming, as well as allowing for deep integration between your smartphone or tablet and your monitor. Use the screen mirroring function or cast content to your player, as well as taking control of your monitor with the optional controller phone app.

Seamless Interaction

All this connectivity means that all your devices can talk to each other. From your dashboard to the back seat, from your phone to your monitor - everything lives in one environment. Share photos and audio, stream between devices and connect everything to your in-car WiFi. Add to this the same incredible crystal-clear touchscreens, and you have many effortless ways to stay entertained.

Custom Sizing for the Perfect Environment

XTRONS’ rear seat screens come in a huge variety of sizes. Whether you drive a small city commuter or a large family minibus, there’s something to fit perfectly - we don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all”. From a relatively petite 11.6”, all the way up to a colossal 19.5” for larger spaces, you have the ideal fit and the ideal viewing surface, whether you have one passenger or double figures. The larger size is also great for motorhomes, to ensure your holiday never turns to tedium.

Consistently High Standards

In contrast to some of the options out there, we only ever use brand-name, grade-A components, so our rear-seat monitors are built to last. The upgraded underpinnings, loaded with the hardware to match, make all your apps boot up quickly and run smoothly. Your visuals will shine and your audio will sing, but most importantly, you may never hear “are we there yet?” again!

If you’re interested in XTRONS’ range of monitors, shop the range now to find the perfect accessory. 

Watch this space for fantastic Black Friday deals on all our Rear Seat Monitors.