Top Picks For Your Volkswagen

In this month’s brand focus, we focus on the well-loved German giant, Volkswagen. Known historically as the People’s Car, this company has a long and proud history, dating all the way back to the 1930s. Having gone through many changes over the years, the company’s reputation for high-quality manufacturing has been a constant, and the marque is a benchmark for accessible and desirable cars.

While getting one of our high-powered Android stereos into your old Beetle might be beyond even us, we do have some great units designed to integrate perfectly with your Volkswagen model - 


This unit, custom-fitted to your Golf, is based on a quad-core computer, giving it quick and stable performance no matter what you’re doing. DSP sound effects give you huge control over your music and audio, and the curved touch screen displays clearly and beautifully under any conditions. Best of all, it’s designed to look seamless in your dashboard, keeping your car’s aesthetic consistently great.


This unit is for the workhorses of the VW range. Fitted for the Touareg, the T5 Multiwan and the Transporter, the unit brings Android 10 features and great DSP sound to these rugged vehicles. With crystal clear visuals and compatibility with most video formats, you have a world of entertainment to choose from. The unit also comes with steering wheel controls, so you can access your device easily and safely from your driving position.


Not only does this unit fit a huge range of Volkswagens, it is incredibly easy to install into whichever vehicle you have. The wiring is simple, and there is no need for any additional equipment to complete your installation. This system has an ultra-fast hex core computer, and runs on an Android 10 platform, which means you get incredible performance and lightning speed. Add this to the large hard drive, and you have a real powerhouse.

Our range of Volkswagen Car Stereos is huge, and our stereos have a wealth of features to make your journey that bit better. Let XTRONS put some up-to-the-minute technology onto your VW dashboard,and make every drive you undertake a fun one.