Top Picks For Your Porsche

In this brand focus, we’re in Stuttgart, and at the home of high-performance sports cars, Porsche. The brand is known rightly throughout their history or producing some of the best-driving sports cars in the world. The Porsche name is synonymous with quality, performance and driver enjoyment.

With a company heritage that involves the development of the Volkswagen Beetle and a significant motorsports pedigree, as well as a design house, Porsche’s pedigree is impeccable. The world’s largest manufacturer of racing cars, with a record 19 wins at Le Mans, the company is perhaps even better known for the iconic 911, which has formed part of its range since the 1960s. From light and engaging sports cars, to luxurious 4x4 SUVs, the Porsche range has something desirable for all tastes, providing you can accommodate such a high-end vehicle. 

Despite Porsche vehicles being generally rather well-equipped as standard, XTRONS do make after-market stereos to fit. Installing an XTRONS unit will make some of the best cars available even better, bringing your entertainment up to the same high standard.

The PQS80CMPL - For 911, Cayman, Boxster

This unit features a 64 bit dual processor for the ultimate in efficient, high performance operation. A solid state hard drive and enhanced cooling means that this unit is a technological match for even a Porsche. Built in Digital Sound Processing, full HDMI outputs and built-in screen mirroring complete the great feature set. One of our most advanced units, it will upgrade the capabilities of your car even further.

The PBX70CYP - For Cayenne

Designed for Porsche’s luxury SUV, the Cayenne, this model is set up for fast and easy installation into the car’s dashboard, with no specialist wiring needed. Once the stereo is installed, you’ll find quick processing and crystal-clear video as standard, with screen mirroring and steering wheel controls already installed. You will also have built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0, meaning that your car can be connected to any number of other devices. All this at a great price means your Cayenne is upgraded even further.

We also sell a fascia panel for fitting this model, should prefer to keep your Cayenne’s dashboard looking as it did originally.

Note: Please check compatibility carefully, as our stereos are custom fitted to make, model and year.

If you are fortunate enough to own a Porsche, you may wish to add one of our fantastic infotainment units to make your journey even more enjoyable. We work hard to stay at the forefront of technology, and installing one of our stereos is one of the few ways to improve these luxurious cars. Make the most of technology with XTRONS in-car entertainment, and enjoy your journey.