The XTRONS Promise

XTRONS work to three principles - Simplicity, Reliability, and Desirability.

We base our whole approach and range of products on these three basic tenets. We give you assurances of quality, transparency and honesty in everything we do. In all of our products, we only  use only high quality components, and we don't take shortcuts. Our promise of quality includes -

Grade A LCDs

We do not use 2nd hand LCD screens, which can be dull, flash, or show lines on the display. We only ever use brand new, Grade A LCD screens in all XTRONS products.

Real SSD Memory

We use real Solid State Drives in all of our units, with no SD card faking or disk images. We use the real thing to guarantee smooth operation, long life and robust computing power.

In-Vehicle Solutions

All of our units have their own, specialised architecture. We do not borrow any hardware from tablets or from other consumer electronics. All of our products are designed with their function in mind, and built to the highest standards.

This distinguishes us from less reputable manufacturers, and ensures that your XTRONS product lives up to your expectations every time.

Simplicity, Reliability, Desirability - the XTRONS way.