The QEA Series – Perfect Integration With Your Audi

Many drivers buy an Audi for what they represent; modern technology, engineering precision and powerful engines. With an Audi, you get opulent trim along with high-performing underpinnings, coupled with a general feeling of quality in everything you touch.

On top of this reassuring quality, you get a wide choice of vehicles. From compact hatchbacks to comfortable 4x4 cruisers, along with the brand’s core range of executive saloon cars, you’re not limited by need or use type. There really is something for everyone.

What if your Audi’s entertainment was as good as its on-road ability?

To put an answer to that question, XTRONS has launched the QEA Series - the perfect companion for your Audi car. Designed to get the very best out of your Audi’s existing entertainment system, it’s packed with incredible features and modern upgrades.

In Perfect Sync

The QEA Series works in perfect harmony with your original Audi Concert or Audi Symphony sound system. Keeping the car’s original operating system intact, your new XTRONS unit adds Android 11 functionality on a specially designed user interface. All the incredible XTRONS features are available by simply swiping the screen!

This makes the whole system exceptionally easy to use - no new functions to learn, no hidden menus, no manual diving. The incredible QEA Series features are right there for you, in a format you will instantly recognise.

Optimised Android 11

Driven by an immensely powerful and deeply customised Android 11 operating system, the QEA Series puts processing power where you need it most. The system runs incredibly efficiently, giving you access to a slick interface, new display modes, picture-in-picture, screen mirroring, and of course, outstanding multitasking performance. We pride ourselves on the processing power in our car stereos, and this new series for Audi is no exception.

Cinematic Sound and Visuals

We have poured in all our technical knowhow to get the very most out of the processors in the QEA Series. This is, after all, an entertainment system, so we have ensured that all your entertainment both looks and sounds its best.

Built in DSP effects means you have detailed control over your sound. EQ, filters and a range of presets keeps your music sounding crisp and powerful, and gives spoken word perfect clarity. The high quality radio receiver and industrial-grade amplifier chip ensures that the basic functions of a car stereo work impeccably.

When it comes to visuals, as well as the sleek design of the unit itself, you get a flawless IPS Screen, polished to incredible clarity, with 1080p support for fantastic images. Whether it’s clear menus, outstanding video animation or crystal-clear static images, this series does it with ease.

As if to reinforce how good these units are at multitasking, the QEA Series also features a seamless split-screen mode, to ensure you can keep abreast of everything you want to achieve. Alongside the Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode, there is never an excuse to drop what you are doing.

Connect With Ease

Connectivity is a huge plus for this series. Built in is the latest Bluetooth 5.0, which gives you interference-free phone calls, high-quality audio streaming and easy device connections for your smartphone. The latest Bluetooth update gives you the same functionality as ever, this time with much greater signal quality.

Built in GPS and 4G keep you connected to the rest of the world wherever you are, and the built-in Wi-Fi makes it possible to connect all your devices, making your car a mobile office and an entertainment powerhouse, as the mood takes you.

The series also gives you the option to connect to a reversing camera instantly, giving you an immediate response when you need to perform a tight manoeuvre. As with all XTRONS products, the QEA Series is compatible with a huge range of accessories, extending the already impressive feature set even further.

Upgrade Your Audi

We have a product range covering a wide variety of Audi models - from the A4/S4/RS4, to the A5/S5/RS5 and the Q5 SUV. The QEA Series is a huge leap forward for your vehicle, keeping access to all your original features, and adding all the power of Android 11 and XTRONS' knowhow. Shop the range here and make your Audi’s entertainment run as smoothly as its engine.