The QE Series – Powered by Android

The QE Series for BMW

Specially designed for deep integration into your BMW, the QE Series has been designed with no compromises. Grade-A materials, high quality components and carefully thought-out design are featured in every corner of these car stereos. These Android head units provide a perfect, seamless upgrade for your BMW vehicle, so we can make sure every aspect of your in-car entertainment is covered and made better. 

Perfect Integration With Your Car

XTRONS has designed the QE Series to work perfectly hand-in-hand with your existing BMW entertainment system. The specially-designed UI system works with your iDrive, and you can choose how you want your system to behave; in the manner of the new system, or in the old way you are used to. A QE Series adds power, without the need for manual surfing or menu diving. XTRONS make the exceptional accessible. 

Seamlessly Connect Your Smartphone

The QE Series head units all come with integrated Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This gives you a simple and powerful way to share content from your smartphone with your stereo. Not only does this allow you to mirror your screen and to stream content directly onto your XTRONS screen, but it also keeps all of this accessible while having your phone in your pocket. Voice commands, compatible apps and multimedia entertainment - all are easily accessed.

The Best in Sound & Vision

All the QE Series units feature high-quality, zero-compromise IPS screens, ensuring all your visuals are crisp, clear and detailed. From video to images, your picture has never been better. Along with this, XTRONS adds in hugely customisable digital sound processing, for fine-tuning your sound to taste. The DSP offers a range of parameters to get your music just right, and to make sure speech comes through loud and clear. Your entertainment is always given the chance to shine.

Stay Connected with 4G

With the integrated 4G module, you can always stay connected on the road. Without tethering to your phone or using hotspots, you can always have access to your messages, emails and data streaming while travelling. Easy and secure, the 4G module supports 99% of carriers worldwide, so you are never left disconnected from your work or your entertainment.

The XTRONS QE Series range puts loads of up-to-the-minute features into your BMW. If you’re looking to update or upgrade your BMW model, you need look no further than these powerful Android units. Perfectly marry your iDrive system to the latest Android platform, and all your entertainment will be available and its best on your head unit. Never be bored with XTRONS.