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The QAB Series – A New Industry Standard

We love to push the boundaries of what a car stereo is capable of. With that in mind, our newest release sets out a new set of possibilities for your driving experience. The new QAB Series car stereos from XTRONS offer robust and authentic hardware, a glorious display, powerful sound and seamless operation. If your car’s entertainment system is starting to feel a bit underwhelming, a new head unit might be the thing that takes it up a level.

Let’s explore the incredible feature set:

Huge Power, Smoothly Delivered

A flagship octa-core processor does the hard work under the bonnet. Delivering high performance and efficiency, it can be hard to believe what a genuine 12mn processor can do. Without lag, buffering or crashes, the chip goes about its work, powering everything from entertainment to navigation with the minimum of fuss. XTRONS only ever uses reliable industry-standard components, so you can be assured that each unit works as beautifully as it looks.

Large memory means easy storage for all your apps and files, with enough space for even large video and high-quality audio files. Everything you need a modern stereo to do, the series will do effortlessly.

Extraordinary Connectivity

There are many reasons you might need to stay connected on your journey. You don’t need to leave the wider world behind if you don’t want to. Whether staying on top of emails on the way to work, or calling friends to make plans at the weekend, you can get it all done from your head unit.

A specially designed 4G module means calling and messaging on the go is easy - simply insert a micro-SIM card to get all the data you want. The built-in WiFi transmitter means that you can use your stereo as an internet hub, with two bands for perfect reception. The series also features Bluetooth 5.1, for effortless hands-free calls and wireless transmission between devices. Make sure your passengers don’t get bored either!

The Gift of Sound & Vision

No car stereo is complete without outstanding audio, and the QAB Series delivers on this front too. Built in DSP effects and a high-power amplifier make your music the best it can be. Experience warm bass pressure and crystal-clear highs, with a level of detail you may not have heard in your favourite tracks before.

XTRONS’ screens are always a point of special attention, and the dual-layer G+G screens on this series are no exception. 2k video plays beautifully on the large 10.25” surface, giving your dashboard focus and balance. Add a compatible HD reversing camera and you can get instant, sharp footage of the rear of your car. The ultimate in safety, for the ultimate peace of mind.

Express Yourself with Custom UI Options

Navigating the journey may be easy with the QAB Series, but what about navigating the unit itself? The whole series comes with a range of menu options, to fully customise the user interface to your preferences. A specially designed in-house XTRONS theme accompanies three original-style UI options, to give you a user-friendly experience whatever your taste.

Keep your menus uncluttered, get access to your favourite features at a glance and keep your interior harmonious. It’s easy with a customisable UI.

The new QAB Series offers a wealth of options in a sleek exterior. With a wide range of units for various makes and models of car, they’re as versatile as they are powerful. Try one in your car and feel the difference that an XTRONS stereo can make.