The PST Series Launches

The latest models in the PST Series have now landed, bringing an affordable solution to retro fitting the latest in-car tech and apps to your vehicle.

With a larger screen, and the latest Android 10 operating system, the PST Series provides a hassle free way to upgrade your car, without actually selling it!

The PST Series features a larger IPS screen, designed to look great, and offer the best viewing experience possible, from all angles. This makes it great to watch, but safer for sat-nav operation. The beauty of the PST Series is that it comes ready to install, without the need for faceplates. Just plug and play.

The new large IPS 9/10 inches screen of PST series not only makes your car interior look more stylish but also enables you to see clearly around the driving seat with different viewing angles. Less distraction and safer while navigating with your car.

As part of the latest OS you will get access to tons of Android apps on-tap, such as Spotify, YouTube, and Netflix. Together with the high-quality Quad-core processor and 2G RAM and 16G ROM solution, which bolsters it's reliable and super-slick performance on the road.

The built-in DSP allows you to adjust up to 30 bands to get the music that meet your tastes in crystal clear clarity.

Of course, there are other great standard features you have come to expect from your stereo, such as car auto play, source select RCA Outp, OBD, TPMS and so on. Take a look at the full spec on the product pages.

Improved UI

With the Xtrons refined UI, the display looks even better than before, and is easier to operate, offering a more enjoyable experience on the road. We are pushing the boundaries of Android 10, to deliver the slickest on-screen operation ever.

Professional All in one Packaging

The Xtrons PST models come packaged with all the customized necessary accessories such as face panel, installation cables, decoder (if needed) in one well-designed package. Simply unbox, and install. No need to worry about additional cables or accessories.

Fit for Installation Verified

We have tested and confirmed the sizes of the head unit, face panel, cables are all matched for every specific car as well as tuned CanBus, making it easier than ever to install it with simple plug-and-play, whilst ensuring your in-car data is sent over to the screen.


The PST Series does not feature a built in CD-Player. This decision was taken as mainstream music shifts to online mediums such as Spotify. If you are looking for an old-school solution, check out the PSD Series which do include CD.

The Xtrons PST Series now supports the newer generation vehicles from Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, Citroen, Honda, and Kia.