The Powerful QX Series for BMW

A BMW is the car you buy when you want to really enjoy driving. The storied German manufacturer is known for making cars that are both involving to drive and luxurious to ride in. A BMW is comfortable but supple, poised but genteel, purposeful but aesthetically pleasing. In short they’re the perfect driver’s car, and there are very good reasons why they’re so popular. The new XTRONS QX Series is the perfect addition to these incredible machines.

A Long History of Quality

Founded in 1916 as a manufacturer of aircraft engines, BMW has developed over its long  history to be one of the world’s leading car builders. In 2021, sales figures show that BMW sold over 2 million cars worldwide - a staggering figure, and one that shows how suitable these cars are for countless purposes. From executive saloons, to performance cars, SUVs and innovative electric city commuters, BMW has everything, and a huge reputation for quality engineering to go with it.

Power by Design

As we ourselves are huge driving enthusiasts, it wouldn’t be right that we neglect the entertainment systems of this Bavarian giant. While the built-in iDrive system is powerful in its own right, our brand-new QX Series begins where this system ends, giving you stunning power and an unmatched user interface.

With Android 12, Bluetooth 5.1, authentic Solid-State ROM and much more, there’s as much going on under the bonnet in your stereo as there is in your vehicle, and no stone has been left unturned to get the very best out of your in-car technology.

Custom UI for a Personalised Experience

At XTRONS, we put a great deal of care into how drivers will end up using our powerful entertainment systems. To this end, we have built-in a powerful and custom-designed User Interface to our QX Series. With a built in weather app, several choices of style, and crucially easy access to all of your car’s original iDrive features, you always have perfect control. 

Whatever you want or need your stereo to do for you, you can find it easily, and the powerful workings of the units are ready for anything you can throw at them.

Cinematic Visuals

A beautiful visual experience is key to XTRONS’ range of head units, and the QX series is no slouch in this department, Using gorgeous 12.3” IPS screens, with dual-layer capacitive touch capabilities, the display is flawless to operate and blends beautifully when not in use. The large 1920x720 surface gives you Full HD images, and along with the extra thought put into the UI experience, the whole unit is an absolute pleasure to operate. Enjoy maps, weather, car information, internet browsing and even films and games in spectacular quality.

The Latest Bluetooth For Hassle Free Wireless Connections

Wireless connections are a breeze with the latest Bluetooth 5.1. Connecting more quickly and with better power management, the latest incarnation of the ubiquitous tech gives you stable transmission and clever battery management. Whether you want to cast your smartphone’s screen to the head unit, share apps or use a headset, you can with exceptional ease. This is the ultimate Bluetooth expression, better than it has ever been.

XTRONS’ Trademark Tech Knowhow

As you’ve come to expect, the QX Series is packed with all the technical trickery and knowledge that only XTRONS provides. We use a true Android 12 platform, with deep customisation to squeeze out the most of its capabilities. A Quad-Core processor with a high clock rate promises you quick and stable operation, and keeps power consumption efficient and undemanding. Meanwhile, our powerful Qualcomm CPU with its own AI engine performs incredibly well even in demanding conditions, giving you power on tap for continuous use or multitasking.

Working Hand-in-Hand with Your Car

Simply put, our QX Series makes the most of the existing system in your BMW, with the slick exterior belying the extensive work we have done to make this series exceptional. We make sure all this outstanding tech operates together without flaw or delay, so you can concentrate on your journey.

Our QX Series units are custom-fit for BMW cars, making sure your high-quality vehicle has a high-quality entertainment system. The 3 Series, 4 Series, 5 Series, X1, X3, X5 and X6 are all catered for by these powerful head units.

If you have a mind to upgrade your BMW’s car stereo, and need incredible processing, outstanding visuals and body-moving sound, make XTRONS QX Series your first port of call.