The New IQ Series

The new XTRONS IQ series is here and ready to ship! Bringing the latest technology and powerful innovations into your car, this new series has made giant leaps forward in both technology and in ease of use.

AI-Powered Android

4G, Wi-Fi, Android Auto & Apple CarPlay

Built on a customised Android 10 system, the new IQ Series stereos give you incredible power and flexibility. This luxurious base platform gives you ample processing at fast speeds You can do everything you want to that bit quicker and smoother. 

Connectivity is hugely important when you’re on the move, for work and for entertainment. The IQ series features integrated 4G in Europe and Asia and flexible dual-band Wi-Fi, so you’re always connected to the internet for uploading, downloading and streaming. No matter where your journey takes you, you’ll always have access to the work you need, and the entertainment you want.

To take smartphone integration even further, these units feature built-in Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Whichever platform you prefer, you can use all your phone’s features on the screen of your IQ series system. A whole world of possibilities.

The Highest Quality Hardware

Flagship Processor

We have packed first class technology into every aspect of the IQ series head units. The whole series runs on the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor, which gives you incredible speed and stability. 6GB of RAM and a quick and reliable 128GB solid-state hard drive give you power and space, to store and use all manner of apps and files. 

Furthermore, absolutely everything inside the IQ series is of the highest quality. Everything from the radio receiver chip to the microprocessor has had no expense spared, so you can be sure of smooth operation every single time, and no cut corners.

Fantastic Visuals

Grade A Screen & XTRONS UI

To get the best out of your stereo, it’s important that you can interact with it effectively. The new XTRONS UI has been specially designed to be a delight to look at and a breeze to operate. The new system exists to give drivers the easiest possible interaction with their powerful new device. The Grade-A capacitive touchscreens on the IQ series not only look beautiful, they’re tough too - scratch, crack and corrosion resistant. You can use the unit again and again in all kinds of weather conditions, and all of your content will look incredible.

Powerful Sound

Digital Sound Processing

With the huge array of powerful Android features, and fantastic visuals, you’d be forgiven for thinking that audio had taken a back seat. The primary use of a car stereo is still for sound after all, and the XTRONS IQ series is no slouch in that department either. With high-quality chips for both radio reception and amplification, and powerful, multi-functional DSP, you can listen without limits. Adjust everything you’re listening to in minute detail, for a flawless experience every time.

The XTRONS IQ Series Range

For Popular Car Brands

The IQ Series has units to fit many popular car marques. Audi, BMW, MG, Rover, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen vehicles are all served, along with a universal-fit Double DIN model. With even more units launching soon, browse our range of powerful IQ series head units, and give your car the most powerful processor available in a car stereo.