The Great Summer Road Trip

Summer is here, and the open road stretches out before you. A summer road trip beckons. You start to dream of all the adventures you could have, of simply getting in the car and going. Music blaring, windows down, miles and miles of road ahead...

While cars have a utility and a function, they also give us a sense of freedom. Taking your car on a long summer holiday is an idea almost as old as the car itself, and can be a great way to see new sights, make new memories with your family, or simply to clear your head. Whatever car you drive, whatever your family situation, the summer is the perfect time to get behind the wheel and to see something new.

So pack up, throw those bags in the back, fasten your seatbelt, and let XTRONS equip you for the perfect road trip - 

CM136A - Roof Mounted Android Player

Make sure your back seat passengers stay as focused on the entertainment as you are on the road! This roof-mounted screen has all the great features of Android 9.0, bringing huge Android computing power into your back seat. It features a sharp widescreen display, built-in wi-fi, screen mirroring, powerful speakers and a huge array of inputs (USB/SD/HDMI/AV). You can watch almost anything you want on this powerful roof mounted player, and make sure that everyone stays engrossed in your journey.

HM135AS Android Headrest Screen

If you would prefer to leave your ceiling untouched, and keep your entertainment at eye level, this Android headrest player is perfect for the job. Based on a hugely powerful customised Android 10 operating system, the display is also a sharp widescreen, this time with built in infra-red and bluetooth for optional audio output. Screen mirroring for your smartphone and built-in wi-fi complete the amazing infotainment options here. 

USB DAB+ Tuner

Some of us can’t even start the car without the radio keeping us company. While good old AM and FM radio still have a great deal of mileage in them yet, digital radio is where the real game is at. With this smart USB dongle, you can bring DAB+ digital radio to any XTRONS stereo, and get access to countless high-quality, interference-free radio stations, with no hassle. Breathe new life into your entertainment options on your summer road trip.

TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

On a long drive, you’ll want the peace of mind of knowing everything is in order. On lengthier journeys, and especially in higher temperatures, tyres can be the first thing to go wrong. Catch issues before they happen with a TPM system. The sensors constantly send data to your XTRONS stereo, so you can always stay aware of conditions where your car meets the tarmac, and avoid flats and blowouts. For everyone’s safety and convenience, a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is perfect.

4G Dongle

Never get caught without a signal. A lot of our great entertainment options require mobile data to get the best out of them. Thankfully, we have a handy solution - plugging in one of our 4G dongles will make apps come alive, allowing for music, video and data streaming remotely, without having to tether your phone. No matter where you are, so long as there is some phone signal, your car is an entertainment powerhouse.

Dash Cams

When undertaking a car journey, you can’t always legislate for other road users. Even if you are the safest and most attentive driver in the world, someone can still pull out without looking at a junction. To stop costly and tedious debates, and to keep your insurance premiums down, install a dashcam and record every step of your journey. You may even find you enjoy reliving your summer road trip from the driver’s eye view.

All of these are of course optional extras. The real joy is simply in getting away, and in finally getting some time to yourself. Let XTRONS help make a good road trip a great one, and make sure both your car and your passengers are looked after.