The Best Valentine’s Gifts For Car Lovers

The best Valentine's gift for car lovers

Surprising your loved ones on Valentine's Day can be a challenge, especially when you know that their first real love is their car.

  If you’re tired of being second best, prompt a passionate response by investing in one of Xtrons’ multi-functional and highly entertaining car stereos. Date nights behind the wheel have never been better with our latest in-car entertainment systems!  

Destination Unknown

  Save yourselves a squabble, en route to your romantic Valentines Day destination, and allow one of our car stereos to guide the way. Our Android units are open to Google Maps, iGo and Sygic applications, whereas our WinCe units are licensed for Kudos Maps. Either way, sit back, relax and never get lost again on the road with our smart navigation options.  

Universal Android Car Stereo with Google Maps - TE103AP


WInCE Car Stereo for for Mercedes-Benz with Kudos Maps - PF7M211S+FOBB01

  Mercedes WinCE Car Stereo with Kudos Maps  

Movie Night


Head Units

  Drive to a romantic setting, park up somewhere safe, grab the blanket out of the boot and insert your favourite DVD (or watch files from your phone, USB & SD devices). Enjoy the cinematic experience from the comfort of your very own car and make the most of the HD Ready crisp resolution and surround sound stereo performance.   Android car stereo DVD Player

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Headrest DVD Players

  If you’re double dating, or have kids as company, add a pair of our Headrest DVD players, so everyone can enjoy the same movie all at once!   Headrest DVD Players

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TV Digital Receiver

  Don’t want to miss your favourite TV shows? We’ve got that covered too, with our DVB-T Digital Receiver Box which allows you to watch Freeview channels at your convenience.   TV Digital Receiver

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Gamers For Life

  Take your gaming battles out of the bedroom, rage war beyond your living room, and go behind enemy lines in your very own vehicle! With HDMI ports available, you can plug your console in on the go. You can also hook your smartphone up to the ‘Screen Mirroring’ function and enjoy games from your mobile on your head uit.   Alternatively, this could just be a way of keeping a certain someone entertained whilst you concentrate on the road ahead.  

The Sound of Music

  Be it a playlist you've compiled for the special occasion on your phone, a hard-drive with a jukebox worth of music on it, or a favourite live performance streamed from YouTube, you can achieve it all on one of our head units!   WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth and 3G/4G hotspot connectors are all ways you can stay in tune with your favourite songs whilst in the car.   4G WiFi Dongle   Listen in to hundreds of DAB radio channels with our DAB+ tuners and bop to the beat of the surround stereo.   DAB Tuner  

That Little Bit Extra

  If you feel some of the above items and features are not quite in line with what you’re after, we have a whole host of other products which any car enthusiast would love! So, go that extra mile and find something to suit the person you love.   From reversing cameras, to journey recorders (dashcams), fascias and beyond - browse through our additional accessories until you find the one for you.