The All-New MA Series Is Here!

The New Era of In-Car 4G

The new XTRONS MA series is out now and available to buy! Designed to bring a world of entertainment streaming right into your car, these stereos are equipped with the latest 4G, and feature a host of features to bring your dashboard to life - 

Android 10.0 Platform

Built on a razor sharp Android 10.0 platform, this series of car stereos offers all the great functions of the most-used operating system in the world. With gesture navigation, live captions and tight controls on security and privacy, these head units are perfectly at home in the modern world.

Built-in 4G - Supports 99% of Carriers Worldwide

Built-in 4G means that these stereos have connectivity everywhere. Now without using a hotspot, or connecting to any other devices, you can access the internet directly. Convenient and powerful - everything you can expect from an Android smartphone, you can now have right there on your dashboard.

Built-in DSP

Enhance your listening with the integrated Digital Sound Processing. This series features powerful sound-shaping tools to really make your audio pop! The 30-band graphic equaliser gives you the ability to surgically shape your sound, and the loudness and bass filter settings really help to tune out the noise of the road. The perfect sonic experience.

Built-in CarAutoPlay & Android Auto

Integrate your smartphone with your stereo deeply and effortlessly. Share screens for safe use of your mobile while driving, and get access to voice commands with Siri and Google Assistant. Keeps your journey safe, and your entertainment interesting.

Quick & Powerful Processor

4GB or RAM and 64GB of ROM means that the processor in this series is super-fast, and has plenty of storage for programs and data. Do whatever you want, without glitches or lag, and have your entertainment move as smoothly as your journey.

Our new MA series fits a huge range of vehicles. Shop our range here, and bring super fast 4G streaming directly into your car!