A Summer Road Trip – Hot Picks for the Perfect Journey

Beautiful hazy days and sweltering conditions - with any luck, summer is well into its height. More reliable weather, clearer vistas and safer driving conditions are all definite benefits of this time of year, with the roads being as good as they ever are. In short, it’s the perfect time to take a summer road trip.

Whether you’re seeking out the perfect beach, taking your family to a beauty spot, or simply visiting family and friends, the better weather makes a long drive that bit easier. You may even be clamouring for some fresh air after working yourself too hard in the colder months. If you have the urge for the wide open road, the summer weather is your friend!

While driving in warm conditions and good weather is generally easier than the alternative, there are a few tips to remember - 

  • Sunglasses are a great thing to have in your glove compartment or door pocket. Even if you’re not the sunglasses type normally, the dazzle on the road at this time of year can be quite something. A simple pair of shades or clip-ons will alleviate these difficulties immediately, making your drive easier and safer. Polarising lenses are even better for dealing with harsh sunlight.
  • Don’t lose track of time. The bright evenings, especially further north, make for long, hazy days and good driving conditions, but keep an eye on the clock and never drive tired. The long daylight hours can be deceptive!
  • Pack sun blinds for your back seat passengers, especially if you have young children. While some cars have cleverly tinted windows in the back, even more do not, and having the hot sun constantly shining on you is no fun. A simple stick-on sun blind can work wonders for interior comfort, cutting down on A/C usage as well as complaints!

If you plan on doing some more serious driving over the warmer months, you may want to consider upgrading your in-car entertainment. XTRONS stock all kinds of technology to make your car smarter, more efficient and more fun! 

DMA105SL - Effortless 4G Connectivity

The DMA105SL, part of our MA Series, is an incredibly high-quality stereo designed to fit any car with a Single DIN factory radio. A powerful Android 11 platform with built-in audio effects, Bluetooth and navigation, it’s your perfect companion for discovering roads less travelled.

TQS700L - Premium Infotainment

The TQS700L has a powerful and efficient 64-bit processor, making it up to any task, and is Universal fit for cars with a Double DIN factory radio. Built-in CarPlay and Android Auto make syncing up your smartphone easy, and the upgraded components throughout the unit make it a joy to use. 

HM135AS - HD Android Headrest Screen

If your backseat passengers get restless while you eat the miles, then a headrest screen might be what you need. The perfect thing to alleviate boredom, the HM135AS is easy to install and provides you with crisp video, built-in speakers and a suite of inputs and outputs for connecting devices. Add in easy screen-mirroring for your smartphone and a clever Android operating system, and you have an amazing add-on for your passengers, unthinkable just a few years ago.

CM136A - Immersive Android Roof-Mounted Player

If you have a larger car, such as a people carrier or minibus, you can still have great movies and entertainment to please your passengers. A roof mounted player is a great option for this, and the CM136A is about as good as they get. With Android functionality, an industry-leading IPS screen and hugely impressive processing power, it will keep everyone quiet and happy on long journeys.

USBDAB03 - DAB+ Tuner with USB connection

While modern cars tend to come with digital radios built-in, it really wasn’t very long ago that brand new cars came without one. But never fear! We have just the thing to help. If you want access to digital radio programming on your road trips, this XTRONS tuner attaches with a simple USB connection, and so is compatible with any head unit with a USB socket. In no time at all you have access to dozens of channels of music, talk, sport and entertainment, ensuring you and your passengers are never bored.

TPMS07 - Tyre Pressure Sensors

When using the road, safety is always paramount. A tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is a huge upgrade in road safety, giving you information about your tyre pressure and temperature in real time. Improperly inflated tyres cause all kinds of problems with handling, braking and fuel consumption, so knowing what’s happening is a huge benefit. The sensors simply attach to each wheel and transmit data to your stereo using the neat attachment, giving you all the peace of mind you could possibly need.

These are just a few potential options to help you enjoy your summer road trip. If you’d like to browse the XTRONS range and find something even more fitting for your car, we have something for almost any make and model. With the perfect in-car entertainment installed and ready, the open road awaits you this summer! So spread your wings, get behind the wheel and enjoy the sunshine.