Show Your Car Some Love with XTRONS

Valentine's Day is upon us, and it’s the perfect time of year to treat yourself to a little something extra. Your car is more than a tool, it’s also a companion, so don’t feel shy to treat it to a little upgrade every now and then!

The Season of Romance

Romance is in the air, and cupid’s arrow flies ever onwards. Whether you’re a lover already entwined or one part of a star-crossed story waiting to happen, many of us will have a special someone we can turn to.

Dating back at least to the time of the Romans, the feast of St. Valentine has become a byword for romance, and is the time of year when traditionally couples show each other how much they care. It’s not just people however who need some TLC from time to time - your car needs looking after too! Whether your significant other is a car enthusiast, or you feel that your own needs an upgrade after its long service, you may find the perfect gift at XTRONS.

Heading Into Spring

It’s also the perfect time of year to upgrade, with the harsher weather of winter behind us, and warmer and sunnier drives ahead. You’ll want to make your car a pleasant place to be, and ensure your partner in the passenger seat is entertained!

With that in mind, we’ve hand-picked a selection of products from our range for Valentine’s Day. Whether you have something in mind for your loved one, or simply want to give your car the upgrade it’s been waiting on, read on to find the perfect present you’ve been looking everywhere for. 

Powerful Car Stereos

The ultimate in adjustable displays, the TIX125L rotates through a full 90º, ensuring whatever you’re looking at, from entertainment to navigation, you’re always looking at it in the way you’d like to. 

Featuring the latest Android 12 platform for superfast running speeds, as well as built-in digital sound processing and a custom-designed UI, the system is revolutionary in both design and functionality. Quite simply, whatever system you have, this will likely be a huge upgrade.

Best of all, the TIX125L fits any car with a Double DIN stereo, making it widely compatible. Whatever car you own, you can show it some love with this amazing head unit.

Rear Seat Entertainment

If you have a large vehicle, a large family or large space, then you’ll need a screen to match. Thankfully, XTRONS has exactly the thing for you. The CM195A has an extraordinary 19.5” IPS display, displaying a world of smart entertainment with crystal clarity. 

A powerful graphics processor ensures that animations and menus move smoothly and  effortlessly, and a powerful internal CPU ensures that there is no lag. Wireless connection options, built-in 4G and a suite of I/O connections makes the screen as flexible as it is powerful. Perfect for getting cosy in the back seat, or simply getting some peace from the kids on your journey, this truly is the ultimate backseat screen.

Accessories to Customise Your Car

Perhaps you love your car just the way it is, sound system and all? That doesn’t mean it can’t benefit from a bit of extra luxury. Adding a DAB+ dongle gives you access to a whole world of digital radio, without touching your existing head unit. The USBDAB02 connects with a simple USB port, and installing the antenna could not be simpler. Very soon, you’ll have access to countless channels of chart hits, niche music, podcasts and sport, ready for any journey.

Whether you want to treat your car to a full makeover, or just give it a little something to show it you care, there’s a huge catalogue to go at with XTRONS. Why not shop our range here, and see if you can find anything your car would love?