Q Series – Qualcomm Quad Core Processor

Brand new to the Q Series

We have a great selection of brand new head units that have just launched in the Q Series. The head units come with a Qualcomm Quad Core Processor built in, because of this there are a few slight differences between the head units that have Octa Core built in.

So what is the Qualcomm Quad - Core Processor?

Let us tell you, first of all it's a fantastic little bit of kit! Qualcomm has been designed with the users in mind. It’s been created to be fast, smart, reliable and smooth with amazing graphics.

What are the top features?

The top features of the Qualcomm Quad Core processor include:

  •  2GB RAM and 32GB ROM
  • You can retain the original BMW car head unit system
  • Supports built-in 4G, Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0, Split screen and car auto play
  • Fully Laminated Screen and Anti-Reflective coating
  • Android 10

Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0

The Qualcomm is a discrete Bluetooth module, which ensures full compatibility for the latest phones with Bluetooth 5.0. The bluetooth function allows you to seamlessly play music straight from your smartphone through to your in-car stereo. No delays. no catch-up audio. Just a great sound. You can hook up your head unit to any Bluetooth device and access music, share videos and make calls hands-free.

Having the Qualcomm feature integrated into our stereo systems provides the freedom that the world is becoming ever more used to. Hands free, wireless, instant high quality. This makes for a great journey along with the safety features of hands free. All of our models are put through rigorous testing and are fitted with up to date technology to make your journey smarter, safer and more enjoyable.

Anti Reflective Screen

Our Q Series not only features a huge screen. It features a huge screen, you can even watch in sunlight. Anti-reflective IPS screen with G+G full fit technology. The Anti-reflective screen enables you to see clearly from any position, even with strong light. IPS technology makes it display clear from any angle, and the G+G full fit technology makes the touch screen even more responsive. This means you can watch all the latest and greatest shows out there.. All from the comfort of your own car.

Fully Laminated Screen

The one-glass fully laminated screen provides a lighter and more beautiful display than ever, which is comfortable to touch too. This is a remarkable feature of the Q Series as:

  • The screen is less dusty
  • Visual quality is much higher
  • Reduced screen thickness

2GB RAM and 32GB ROM

This feature is one of the main differences between recent Q Series and the latest additions. These head units are more affordable prices but have the same quality and craftsmanship like the previous Q series ones with Qualcomm Octa-core processor.

Now BMW car owners have more options to pick up the right head unit that meet their requirements best.

What are the new models?

You can shop all the latest additions to the fantastic Q Series on our website here - https://bit.ly/3l7zwvn