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Prepare Your Car For the Summer

A few tips to help the summer road trips glide by...

The long, warm days of summer seem to be finally here. While the weather can always change, flowers are blooming, birds are singing and the school holidays approach. All this means that you may be planning a road trip. However, before you set off, we thought we’d give a few words of warning.

While it may be the season of mild conditions and long hours of daylight, it doesn’t mean you can switch off totally. Here are a few things to bear in mind when preparing your car for the summer.

Is your car mechanically sound?

Normal rules apply here. Ensure that your brakes, gearbox, exhaust and all the rest are in good condition. Even in good weather, it can be a miserable experience breaking down, most of all when you have the whole family in the back heading somewhere. We advise you to keep up with the servicing, and at the very least conduct visual checks of things like the tyres, the undercarriage and the fluid levels.


Speaking of fluids - these will likely need extra attention in hotter temperatures. While fuel is used more efficiently at warmer temperatures, your coolant will be used up faster. Also consider oil, which is used up more quickly in the summer; while the car is running better, it’s thirstier! Leave out any of these and you may find yourself at the side of the road needing a tow.

Also, you’ll want to see where you are going. More insects in the air mean (among other things) a dirtier windscreen, so full screenwash reservoirs are a must.

Check the weather forecast

In many places, the UK included, “summer” does not necessarily mean “reliable weather”. Summer may bring violent thunderstorms and sudden rains, as well as lengthy hot and dry periods that can be very uncomfortable on a long journey. A sudden change in conditions means a sudden change in driving style, so be ready - driving in flip flops might not be ideal…

When preparing for the sun, especially with young passengers, it might be wise to invest in sunblinds or other protection for the back seat. A long stretch in the same direction can mean constant hot sunshine, even in an air-conditioned car. Of course, if you have a convertible, like our project car, don’t forget to wear sunscreen. That is of course, if you don’t have to pull over for rain!

Carry water

On a similar note, always carry water in hot conditions. You dehydrate quicker than you think at the wheel, especially in hot weather, which affects concentration and comfort. What’s more, it can be downright dangerous if you burst a tyre and have to pull over in the blazing heat without something to drink. Err on the side of caution here - it’s the easiest thing in the world to have a couple of bottles of water on hand.

Be prepared for diversions

Summer is often the time when those much-needed roadworks get done. School holidays = less traffic on the roads at peak times = time to dig up the road! What’s more, hot sunshine on already stressed tarmac can exacerbate cracks and mean that roads need repairs more often. We advise you to stay flexible and to allow extra time if necessary.

Don’t get complacent

It’s inevitable - warmer weather means people are more relaxed in general. Unfortunately this means that drivers make more mistakes and pay less attention. That’s not to mention the increased numbers of bicycles and motorcycles that the sunshine tends to bring out, or indeed the ever-present danger of drunk or inattentive drivers. So - be careful out there. We want you to reach your road trip destination safely and in comfort.

Stay entertained

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