Overhead Screens For Christmas Travel

At this time of year, you may be doing things that you wouldn’t do normally. Visiting family, friends, making connections with those you don’t see very often; these things are hugely important. Many people travel for work or relationships, and end up far from loved ones or their place of origin. This makes Christmas travel somewhat of a necessity.

However long or short your journey, your passengers may find all the seasonal travel a test of their patience. In turn, this may test yours! But there is a solution - turn your car into a mobile entertainment centre, and your passengers will be enthralled and enraptured, even on the longest journeys! In short, you need some rear seat entertainment, and an overhead screen is a great way of getting it.

Entertain Your Passengers

An overhead screen fastens to your car’s ceiling with a simple fitting kit, giving your rear seat passengers a host of options, whether they want movies, games or browsing. Simpler and more cost-effective than headrest screens, an overhead screen gives your back seat passengers a central point to focus on, and a shared environment to enjoy their favourite films or shows.

With multiple options for audio output, modern connectivity features and amazingly sharp screens, you’ll have everything they could possibly want, even when hurtling down the motorway. With the incredible functions that these screens offer, a long drive doesn’t mean a boring one.

Up-to-the-Minute Entertainment

We pride ourselves on our technological knowhow, and XTRONS’ overhead screens are packed with up-to-date, futureproof features. Technology moves quickly, and we put our devices ahead of the curve to make sure they work beautifully for years to come. The amazing feature set includes, but is not limited to the following -

  • Bluetooth 5.0, for easy wireless connections and simultaneous audio
  • A suite of cable connections for hard drives, controllers and more - USB, HDMI and AV ports as standard.
  • Screen Mirroring for easy sharing of your smartphone content. Seamless transitions from pocket to cab.
  • Built-in 3G/4G and Wi-Fi transmission, for effortless connectivity throughout your journey
  • Incredible, sharp screens in a range of sizes, along with adjustable angles for the perfect picture even in harsh sunlight
  • Powerful processors and high-quality hardware, including customised Android platforms. Smooth, reliable running and a fantastic user experience every time.

All the Fun, Whatever You Drive

Whether you drive a small, compact city car, or transport your whole family in a large MPV, you’ll need something appropriate. It’s no good staring at a postage stamp-sized thing from miles away, and by the same token you want to avoid that front-row-at-the-cinema feeling. XTRONS offers screens in a huge range of sizes, to ensure that your screen is the perfect size for your car. From a petite 7” display, right up to the colossal 19.5” CM195 range, with unbelievable clarity and depth. Get the right display for your needs and keep the back seat quiet!

A Whole Range of Options

From multi-region DVD players, to fully-featured Android screens, our overhead screens serve a range of needs. Whatever you’re looking for, one thing is assured - your passengers needn’t be bored! Our easy-to-fit overhead monitors ensure your whole cab is entertained, leaving you to focus on getting there, and enjoying every moment of your drive.