Our New Collections

With our emphasis on the latest technology, we are always looking to update our collection. Our new set of products work in tandem with new advances to make your in-car experience smoother and more enjoyable. We have new stereos operating on Android 10, along with bigger screen sizes, faster processors and more features. With a huge range available, let us give you a brief guide to our new additions.

Headrest Monitors

headrest dvd player


With a huge 13.3” touchscreen made from crystal glass, the HM131HD has true HD capability. Your backseat passengers can watch whatever they please with a scarcely believable quality of picture. With USB and HDMI inputs, as well as a slot for a SD card, you have the choice of almost any input source. Also included is the ability to share screens, so a simple cable can connect additional monitors. No more boredom on those long trips!

PBX Series Stereos


The PBX series of car stereos has incredible power. 64bit processing, 8 core design and 64GB of ROM mean it can handle several apps at once, even processor-heavy ones. Full bluetooth and wi-fi capability, along USB and SD ports, means you will never be short of options on the road. And with a high quality radio receiver and amplifier chip, you can be sure that these stereos excel at their original function too.

Android 10 Support


It is part of XTRONS mission to stay ahead of the curve with technology. Our new range of Android 10 car stereos make full use of the capabilities of the new smartphone operating system. They are also designed to integrate seamlessly with your phone, so you can expect everything in your phone to work beautifully in your vehicle. Custom apps are available, and Car Autoplay is fully supported.

Roof Mounted Screens


This huge roof mounted screen is perfect for keeping a whole vehicle full of people entertained. It’s enormous HD widescreen can be rotated through 130º for the perfect viewing angle. The monitor even supports console gaming through its HDMI port, so long boring journeys are a thing of the past! Despite its size, the slimline design means it folds away discreetly and always looks slick.

Whether you are looking for your first aftermarket car stereo, or want to upgrade your car’s interior, we will have something to suit your vehicle perfectly. XTRONS are passionate about the future, and always look to be ahead of the curve of in-car technology.